The decor in the loft (Loft): What is it?

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today, the style of the loft is considered in the interior 1 of the most fashionable. Rooms that feature this style, have a min furniture, a huge area, and mandatory elements, which, in turn, are selected directly depending on the direction (modern, industrial, Scandinavian loft, steampunk, etc.).

the Very concept of a loft for many people is identified with the characteristics of the industrial style which is 1 of the areas directly under the loft. In this case, the decor is absolutely everything: vents, pipes, wiring and communications (specifically not hiding under the trim), the curve of the plaster, cracks in the walls. A little more uporyadochenie the decor is steampunk-loft: curved parts of the engines and other mechanisms, the pipes help to create a very gloomy atmosphere of this field in loft design.


Principal decoration in Loft style

easiest way to buy wall loft decor, which includes:

  • bright art paintings;
  • vintage posters with a vintage effect , pin art, Noir;
  • signage clubs and shops;
  • plaques, which resemble the names of streets, road signs, and also prohibits the labels.

Almost any from the varieties of decor now you can buy (by the way, first class can be found in the online store, so in order to give credible effect it is not necessary to tear off on the street road sign or a wall sign and carry it home.

Features Loft decor also includes a variety of useful things in terms of functionality. Table and wall clock, hangers, wall lockers for different things and dishes, as well as sliding screens that help to break up the space into zones.

If for colors, here it is necessary to focus on a common colour in each room. So, if it is designed in the industrial, sparse tones (color asphalt, brick, grey), bright decorative spots can very advantageous to dilute as a result, subjects need to choose warm colors, juicy or very speckled color.

If the interior is black and white or pastel as it is peculiar to Scandinavian and Italian styles, decor, Loft style and may not even break out directly from the soft colors.

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