Sony Xperia acro S


Sony Xperia acro S

Sony Xperia acro S is first protected smartphone, released jointly by Sony and Panasonic for the European market, the Japanese have succeeded in combining in one body previously hard to combine things - a powerful iron and protection against dust and water according to IP57 standard.

Sony Xperia acro SAs pleasant bonus - set comes with tiny dock, where you can install the gadget. Smartphone enters into the dock with a click and is set inside sufficiently tightly. There is micro-USB connector behind docking station, through which you can charge smartphone. Also in the kit with a smartphone, you will receive instructions, adapter for power supply from a standard electrical outlet, cable for connection, and standard headphones.

smartphone Sony Xperia acro S Sony Xperia acro S is not much different from other smartphones of the Xperia series: big screen, rectangular case, the cut corners, touch-sensitive buttons on its front side. Rubberized plastic shell does not allow gadget to slip from your hands. On the back of the smartphone there is standard set: company logo, speaker, camera, flash unit. Smartphone battery is not removable, so most of back surface of the smartphone is a part of the body of gadget itself. smartphone Sony Xperia acro SSIM card is inserted into the slot on the left side of the smartphone, near is located a slot for microSD card. On the right side are located: power button, volume rocker and special button which launches camera. This is very convenient: the first press - runs the camera, the second - make the photo. At the top end of a smartphone are located ports for: headphone, microUSB and microHDMI.

smartphone Sony XperiaIn general, appearance of the smartphone shows in it an aristocratic roots of the Xperia series - not even immediately clear that this is "extreme model" which is protected from moisture and dust. Let us remind that the protection under the IP57  standard means absolute protection from dust and short immersion in water to 1 meter depth.

smartphone Sony XperiaA capacitive touch LCD screen of the smartphone supports the transfer of 16 million colors with a resolution of 720x1280. Response of the touch screen is fast, with the exception of being under water, where the capacitive touch layer simply will not work. Viewing angles of the screen allow multiple users to view the video.

smartphone Sony XperiaDespite the fact that the resolution of the main camera gadget is 12.1 megapixel, it can not boast a perfect picture quality. In the day - somewhat dull photos, at night - there are a lot of noises.  Plus of this camera is that you can shoot foamy party without fear being in its epicenter, and even shoot coral and fish in the sea water. Naturally, smartphone also has a 1.3 megapixel front camera for video calls, which is located just above the screen.

Sony XperiaThe smartphone Sony Xperia acro S has a a pretty good 1.5-GHz dual-core processor (Qualcomm MSM8260 Snapdragon), which easily copes with multitasking, including multitasking of the multimedia files and its "partner" - graphics accelerator Adreno 220 assists in this.

Smartphone supports all wireless networks and navigation - WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC. On the smartphone are installed: sensors of approximation and ambient light, compass and gyroscope.

With a moderate using battery charge of the smartphone is enough for 2 full days.

Summary. Sony company have succeeded in combining in the smartphone: protected case, serious stuffing and nice design. Sony Xperia acro S is ideal for active users who do not "spare" their phones, but also want to use a powerful gadget.

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