Multi-core processors

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multi-core processors

It is known that the development of CPU takes place in several different stages. If we follow this process when there were only the first desktop computer, you can see that the main driving force was the increase of the productivity of the clock rate. However, the nature set the limit for everything. When you increase the clock rate, then it will affect on the heat dissipation of the CPU. As a result, we can expect very high values. In this case, even the use of thin transistors will not be able to help.
multicore, multi-core processorsWhat is a multi core? Experts from the field of computer technology confidently use the multiple cores in their design. It is known that they are joined together in a single chip. This processor is called the "2 in 1". After the emergence of such models on the desktop market, appeared constant debates. Do users need the multi- core processors? Today it is possible to give a definite answer. Yes. In the near future you can not imagine the progressive development of the industry without the use of multiple cores.

What are the advantages of multi- core processors? It is possible to compare multi core with using of multiple models of individual processors to a single computer. They are located only in a single crystal, and they are not fully independent (for example, using a shared cache). When you are working with the software for a single core, then you will reach a definite plus. That is, you can run at once two CPU-intensive tasks, and you will not feel any discomfort. For the acceleration of the process, such systems will not fit. In this case, the user will receive a single- core processor, which will be supplied with a slight advantage (you can use multiple demanding applications at once.)
The best way out of this situation is to create a new software that will be able to to use several different cores at once. This process is called parallelism. In practice all appears are more complicated. It's very easily to parallelized only certain tasks. Here, for example, can be included the encoding of audio and video recordings. It is known, that a lot of identical streams are used in it basis.multi-core processors They can be executed together, but this is a very difficult task. Comparing with single- core models - multi- core processors when encoding, become proportional to the amount used cores, if there are two core - two times faster, when four - four times faster and down the list. The bulk of these tasks amenable to such actions, but it's very difficult. In a lot of cases it is necessary to make major changes to the contents of the code.
Not once representatives of major computer companies talked about the proper development of processors with large number of cores, which belongs to the new generation. They themselves allow to break a single stream into multiple independent. However, still no one working model of such a miracle has been shown.

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    Intel core i7 extreame is real monster! Its performance is unbelieavable.
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    I7 core extreame edition is monster in box. Real power!