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Windows 7

Windows 8It is well known that the demand for "seven" will not subside for a long time, even after the appearance of a new Windows 8. To install the operating system, for example, on a netbook, which does not have a standard DVD drive, you need to use a USB flash drive. You will need to reformat this flash drive in FAT32. Then you only have to copy the  ISO-image files of Windows 7 to a removable storage device. Then you need to boot from a flash drive. This operation performs by a single scheme, as from the installation disk. You will only need previously to enable relevant settings in the BIOS.
In some cases it happens, that you want to run multiple copies of the same application. To do this, click on the program icon in the taskbar, and then hold down Shift. You can still use the middle mouse button. Note that, this this procedure assumes, that the utility is provided with startup mode of a large number of versions.
taskbar Windows 7An interesting feature for users who often call the taskbar using the keyboard (when, for example, Outlook is used, Word includes several document, with Excel tables and you want to move in a different order to the one specific application), this will be a combination of Ctrl+Win+Tab, which allows to select the required applications with mouse gestures!
Windows xpHow about a walk on the taskbar? Probably a lot of users of Windows XP dream about such a combination of buttons, especially if you use a computer without a mouse. In this case in Windows 7, you can turn up on the taskbar by using a combination Win+T. After this it is necessary to use special arrows to navigate and Enter - to select. To leave is enough to press Esc.
It is known that ClearType is a special technology that deals with the display font. Thus, they will have a clear and smooth appearance. With ClearType screen text becomes clearer. As a result, it is much easier to read for long periods of time, eyes does not get tired, head does not ache. Its benefits will be especially prominent if you use liquid crystal devices (flat models of monitors, handheld devices of small size). To set up the technology, use the "Start" menu. Next, in the search string enter «cttune.exe». After that, follow the instructions that appear on the screen. It is well known, that this function is not a new development. It was used in previous editions of Windows. Changes occurred only in the mechanism of work. However, Windows 7 is supplied with another useful feature called "screen color calibration." With this tool, you can increase the number of colors, reproduced by monitors. To call it in the search bar enter «dccw.exe» (of course, take away quotation marks). Access to these functions is opend through the Control Panel.
creation of an image in Windows 7Now let's look a recording of images in Windows 7. It is known that there is a small and almost imperceptible tool which is very useful, which is a part of this operating system. To record the ISO image file to disk users don't have to use special applications. In this case, double-click on an image file and "voila!" And the result is ready.

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