How to choose a potable water tank for the garden


There are a huge number of opinions on the topic of material the manufacture of containers for storing drinking water, and many gardeners have already many years ago to prioritize. Depending on the feedback about the materials and requirements of their own, at any time, you can choose for yourself to the country, such capacity for water, such as:


water Tank stainless steel

This dietary standard water container that can be manufactured in the form of: cisterns, barrels, cans, and also a rectangular tank for the issuance of either water intake. Stainless steel is used for drinking water and for technical. Tanks made of steel are very expensive and are often specialized, and not just used for water storage.


Metal water bottles

most Often, such containers are made of steel or iron is of low quality, in order to reduce their cost. However the use of cheaper materials is not evidence of a sharp deterioration in the quality of the product. Tanks of metal used for: recycling, underground and surface storage, cooling and water heating and another purpose. Products are made to order, can be combined with caps, valves and fittings, temperature sensors, valves, etc., as well as manufactured in any form. By the way, in Novgorod and Moscow regions book you can on productive enterprise "GIVEN":


Plastic water containers

Previously, it was quite possible to say that in comparison with the stainless steel tanks, plastic tanks are a budget option. But today the price of such tanks has grown so much that buying them has become very not cheap. In terms of practicality, with the installation of a plastic tank there is absolutely no problem: they barely weigh less, can easily cope with the storage of technical and drinking water, and are adapted to store other liquids. Today, you can find in the market of plastic water tanks in any color, purpose and form.

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