What are the CSG (steel horizontal tanks)


CSG is manufactured for petroleum products, oil storage, water, process mixtures, and other fluids the density of which is less than 1.3 t/m3. A striking example can serve as , an example of which you can view on the website: www.novzero.com.

According to standard designs the standard range of RGS with volumes three, five, ten, twenty five, fifty, seventy-five and one hundred m3. But, according to the requirements of customers are also building horizontal tanks custom volumes: two hundred, three hundred, five hundred and a thousand m3.

the Design life of 20 years for CSG.


Device CSG

Horizontal tanks is a cylindrical design with steel with 2 spherical, flat or conical bottoms. The side walls of the CSG is strengthened by stiffening rings, in order to give it greater strength. In addition, the bottom may also be reinforced by ribs. The thickness of the bottom and sides should be 4 mm.

At the bottom of the CSG connect the piping. In the upper part of the horizontal steel tanks installation of: metering manhole, breathing valve, manhole and level gauge. It was convenient to serve them install a steel ladder with a platform. All the design features anti-corrosion coating.

the GCF is mounted on Ground 2-ve prop strut-type or 2-ve saddle-shaped supports. These bearings are of both steel and reinforced concrete.


Different types of construction horizontal tanks

In the standard version CSG do with the flat bottoms of carbon steel. Working temperature range is: - 40...+ 90 o C. the Excess pressure inside the tank can reach up to 0.04 MPa.

Often, doing the CSG for the specific requirements of the customer directly on individual projects.

So for storing alkalis, corrosive media and acid tanks made from stainless steel. In view of durability, hygienic properties, and corrosion properties of stainless steel, the CSG made from this material are used in cosmetic and food industry.

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