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In this article, your attention is invited to consider a list of specific online games that will help increase your monthly income. By the way, more details about, visit the website: And so, back to our games.


My Lands

In this game you can freely play through any browser. It is to a military-economic strategy, in which before the person has the choice of either mining or military server of the game. One of its advantages is reasonable and equitable administration, which is capable of judging situations of conflict and does not make loud statements, such as: register soon, you have a chance to earn extra money! . Each person decides for himself: you need it or don't need.


Golden clone

Next game, it will be important to consider, is called the Golden clone. Of course, it is also possible to play through the browser and download nothing. The game is designed in the style of the old Russian state, and the events unfolding in the 14-15th century. After a simple registration process, you receive the status of a tramp, which, in the future, we need to develop.

Administration describes the game as follows: "the Game Golden Clone is the 1st strategic browser game for real money. Here You are developing your characters, you relax and earn! You create the clone (s) and the more he (they) will be developed, the more profit will be (ut) can I get you .

That is a lot will depend on your desire, determination and perseverance. If you want to earn in this way - please begin to act.



Perhaps, many readers heard about this game or have already played. It is a card game in which there is a real opportunity to play for virtual or real money. At the initial stage, in order not to risk a little to get used to, can play on virtual and only then.... However, decide for yourself.
Thus, in order to earn on online games do not need to have any specific skills and knowledge. You need desire, belief in themselves and, of course, perseverance. Only then we will succeed!

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