What are the varieties of strollers?


When the child grows and spends more and more time, boardway, families have a new job to look for your baby stroller.

I will start with the wheelchair-transformers. They are also called stroller 2-VA to 1-Ohm or 3-ri 1-Ohm. It is a versatile stroller that is used for transportation as grown-up children, and babies. Initially, these strollers are equipped with special baby basket that you can remove and put a special block for walks child.

This block often has at least 3 modes: sitting, semi-sitting position and lying position.

Strollers-transformers relates to the heavy responsibility wheelchairs. This stroller will serve faithfully for your child a couple of years (up to 3 years), from birth until the moment he starts to walk and learn about the world.

But that is good in this vehicle is that the wheelchair-transformer has large pneumatic wheels with good shock absorption. That is easy running such a stroller, as well as calm your baby sleep is guaranteed!

But when the child begins to walk, the mother will be uncomfortable everywhere carry a bulky stroller for themselves, so we need to look to a more light and portable models.

stroller is made in a couple of ways. Their main difference lies in the principle of folding 1-or develop a cane, and others - owner .

Stroller, which folds the book:

  • very convenient;
  • it has a couple of modes for backrest adjustment;
  • has a very convenient wheel for easy move;
  • it has (though not all models) roomy, large shopping basket;
  • has a restrictive convenient bumper, made in the form of a small tray with a Cup holder;
  • can have 4-ri 3 or ri wheels.

But as for the strollers, it is the lightest version among all models. Compact and convenient (when folded, it takes up very little space) - it is just perfect for transporting in the car. However for driving in winter slush, she is not the best option.

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