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many hear about what is marketing . In the 2-words, is a complex of measures aimed at:

  • awareness of the needs and problems of potential buyers;
  • the computation of the target audience;
  • the belief of customers that a particular product meets their needs.

the Aim of marketing is to increase and maintain the level of sales of a particular product. If we take the Internet marketing, his goal is the same as the conventional marketing. There is only 1 difference - it aims to disseminate and promote the product with the help of the global web. Today, Internet marketing gives great results, as the number of its users grows every day, and people of almost all ages and professions. This type of marketing is only part of the overall marketing which, in turn, has its own advantages and features. And tell us about them, Andrei Gusarov - founder Gusarov Group that promotes brands online. By the way, go on the Internet marketer, more details on this can be found on the website: edugusarov.by.


What are the Internet marketing has features?

Virtual communication, in contrast to the real, are deferred. This means that since the administration of your request (comment, letter) up to the moment a response can be avoided indefinitely. Often this time delay is relatively small, however everything is not so instantly as when communicating in person. Internet communications are only verbal, they are devoid of any emotional colouring. You can stream cares global web alone the content. The main content of the Internet is text, and it is not able to transmit nor expression nor voice color. 1-th the hallmark of Internet marketing are possible technical problems. It happens that "lie" to the server or no Internet connection. Eventually we have is the gap in communication.


What Internet marketing has the advantages?

Living people need to pay wages and in case the Internet marketing money is spent only on the support web site (server administration, hosting). Whatever it is, costs more and less exactly than with the contents of the office and staff. The global web audience has a positive stable trend. The main users of the Internet are an active part of the population. But where does that leave us? We get direct access to the target audience of the owner of the web site and the advertiser. Direct marketing campaigns - not very fast response, in contrast to the marketing of shares in the global web. Using Internet marketing you can apply a variety of analytical tools for assessing website promotion on search engines.


Basic methods to promote a web site on the Internet:

  • SEO (search engine optimization);
  • Banner advertising;
  • Contextual advertising;
  • SMM (Promotion in social networks);
  • Viral marketing;
  • online PR
  • E-mail marketing.

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