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In this article we will discuss what are the main types of printing and tell us about it Savkovic A. K. - employee
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Main types of printing:

  • Offset printing. It is a method of planographic printing. It paint from the printing form is transferred to a rubber shaft, and with the latter already on the printed material. This type of printing is widely applied for single and multi-color publications and is the most productive method of printing. When offset printing is used "the triad" (CMYK) and Pantone (separate colors). If these methods are used together, it will give the opportunity to achieve the brilliance of circulation ((although this leads to higher prices). This method is used when printing: carton packing, full-color promotional products, brochures, catalogs, business cards, brochures, etc.
  • Flexography. It is a method of letterpress printing with elastic (photopolymer, flexible rubber) printing relief forms. It is used in the production of packaging products from foil, paper, polymeric films, and certain types of book and newspaper production. This is a relatively inexpensive method of printing. Today he is not able to transfer the full color image, deep, and offset printing;
  • intaglio. Is a more expensive method of printing compared to flexo due to the engraving of printing rollers (made from non-ferrous metals) with diamond cutter. This type of printing transfers the most profound, rich, full color image really small text and vector curves are passed worse. Gravure printing is most often used abroad in the production of magazines and packaging products;
  • Silkscreen. Is by screen printing and is used in the manufacture of small runs of postcards, business cards, gift bags and boxes, glass bottles, jars, stickers, labels, mugs, umbrellas and bags with company logos, t-shirts and other souvenir and representative products that are produced on semi-automatic and manual equipment. In the production process according to the printing method often use one, two or three separate colors;
  • Pad printing. This method is based on the transfer to the printing surface of the ink from the cliche (the printed form) using a special elastic swab. This method is used when printing to: lighters, pens, badges, ashtrays, crockery, stationery, etc.;
  • thermal print. Used when applying the image: baseball caps, t-shirts, clothing, flags, metal products, metal plates
  • Peach print (rise of technology). Used in relief printing. Due to the unique texture of this type of printing makes the products the most elegant and attractive;
  • large format printing. Used in the production of And 1 format and (or) very short run production. In this method, using the technology of inkjet printing;
  • Risography. The most economical and simple method of printing ( 20 - 4 thousand copies). The main disadvantage of this method - it does not convey the color. Is mainly used in the printing of leaflets, price lists, letterheads, etc.

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