How to make air travel with young children?

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Parents always worry about their own children. They try to care primarily about their safety. Therefore, it is not surprising that most parents are afraid to be flying with small children. If the child is a baby, parents feel that a flight can worsen the health of their baby or become cause of some diseases. What if a child from 2 to 11 years, adults worry whether their child is to reschedule the flights, while not will be to suffer from nausea, or it will not be boring to sit a long time in one place. By the way, more information you can read in "".


Flights with kids under 2: features

recently, the flights with a small child who did not yet have one year, was considered undesirable. The explanation here is very simple the aircraft had no equipment. Today, this problem is removed, and the aircraft of many airlines can provide everything you need, and you will have the opportunity to fly with even the smallest baby. It should be noted that certain age categories still have their limitations.


the Main thing to choose the right company

If you have chosen good carrier, and thus the age of the child not more than 7 days, with no flights you do not do, you need to provide during the registration receipt directly in 2 copies. It must be said that the responsibility for the health of your child, the airline is not responsible during transportation. One copy of the receipts, as has been said higher, you give to the registration point, and the second you leave. A sample of this document is usually posted on the website of your chosen company.


Pay for international flights kids

Often children under 2 often just sit on the hands of their parents, then you can transport it for free. By flights of an international character, for the baby you have to pay only 10% of the cost of an adult ticket directly, and the child also remains in the hands of an adult throughout the flight.

If you want to go with the 1st child, each additional ticket for children will be charged as a place that is separate, but at lower rates (they usually have Kolo 25-50% discounts).

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