How to treat a bathing suit?


, as well as any other thing in a woman's wardrobe needs to take good care of her, as well asie it concerns the washing and drying. Otherwise, no matter how much money for this thing laid out, the color becomes dull, and the product itself will lose its shape.

The information about how to take care of it for bathing suit, usually found on the packaging or label. If the general advice on the label is not present, the reservation - what not to do, there just is.For example, machine washable swimwear, most manufacturers do not recommend.

- I have a few years went for a swim, so they had no time to change the swimsuit and learn from their mistakes to care for him, - says Natalya. - For example, if you frequently swim in the pool, the material deteriorates over time through chlorinated water. ByAfter this take swimsuit not immediately washed by hand, but in a warm, but not in hot water. Dry the battery can not be - the tissue loses its elasticity.
Spoils cloth and salt water. No wonder most women take on marine leisure for a few swimsuits.

A wet bathing suit, which is under the action of sunlight earlyinaet deteriorates more than dry. Therefore, if gathered after swimming a little bit more and enjoy the sun, is to change swimsuit. Houses swimsuit should be rinsed in order to wash away the sand, sea water or sweat, if you're in it just sunbathing.

For washing swimsuits as advise manufacturers on the label, it is better to use STIeral powder which is in a liquid form, and for colored laundry or shampoo. Wash the product should be in warm water. But you can not bleach. Also do not twist after washing, and just hang out and spread gently.

Dry swimsuit better if it inside out. And it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Alsoit is not necessary to stroke, even if it is not a very elastic fabric. In no case can not be put off washing the next time - say, bathe twice, then wash. The product can cause unpleasant smell.

You should be careful with suntan lotion. So when he got to the thing, the spot
best removed using a specialth sponge and shampoo.

Basically, a swimsuit is not designed for multiple seasons. Besides, fashion is changing rapidly or woman just wants novelty. However, if you observe basic requirements for the care, swimsuit will last you a very long time, while maintaining its presentation.

Tips on how to choose the right swimsuit:

  • Try all the models that you like, but choose only by the style in which you look fine;
  • No need to buy a swimsuit after you have carried out a rich meal or during menstruation, otherwise it will not sit very well;
  • full of girls should avoid bright colors, poskolku they visually complete. It is better to make the purchase in late May or early June, because in this time range is much more rich.

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