Chennai - the capital of South India Tamiland


The state capital Tamiland - Chennai, provide an unusual discovery. In the stereotypex tourists Chennai associated with unbearable heat and scorching sun. And it's true, in the city heat rhythmically changing heat. But in Chennai, there are many places where a traveler can easily catch your breath. The shade of many exotic parks and arches old Hindu temples to save you from the heat of the southern merciless afternoon. In the evening at the restaurant ofon the roof of the hotel, you will see the broadcast cricket match. After feeling such bliss annoying heat fades into the background.

The second largest port in India

Chennai – is the second largest port in India. Based on novels by Jules Verne – this city is familiar to you calledMadras. It is the name had metropolis until 1996. This is the name given the city the European invaders, who began arriving on the shores of the Indian subcontinent in the sixteenth century. Portuguese, Dutch and British rule has left an indelible mark on the cultural traditions of the inhabitants of the state.

The Apostle Thomas

The most famous of expats who moved to this area and left a greasy mark on the history – this Apostle Thomas. The British called Thomas. In Russia, Thomas known by the nickname of disbelief. Due to the Apostle, Christianity Tamilande become a popular religion. With his missionary work were erected seed of Christiansing churches. Even the local raja, enchanted sermons of Thomas, was converted to Christianity. For the distribution of alien and incomprehensible religion Thomas was murdered on the orders of local Brahmins. Today, over a grotto of St. stands a small church. Entrance to the church is free and any tourist can touch the stone, on which were handprints saint.

The Theosophical Society

We now turn to mysticism. Another attractive and mysterious place in Chennai – The Theosophical Society is based occultist Helena Blavatsky. The Theosophical Society is exploring hidden from people unknown forces of man and nature. It is a combination of science philosophys and religion.

The Theosophical Society exists now. Its territory covers a great big old park, one of the oldest and largest parks of India. Large library retains the wisdom of all the famous mystics and theosophists world. In the park scattered buildings and meditation seminars. Company recalls otdeFlax in the state. Here has its own rules and customs. Frankly, the park feel uncomfortable, all this occult hell puts pressure on the brain.

After a brainstorming want to relax. Well, what a beautiful beach close Eliot. It's nice to relax, watching the couples in loveennyh Indians under the whisper of the ocean. You can also ride on various roundabouts. Although the Bay of Bengal water is not the best place for swimming due to strong waves, but rinse daytime fatigue is fine.

If you do after swimming pulls look at historical monuments, visit the temple of Lord Shiva – Drippedeshvarar. This is a fine example of ancient Indian architecture. A few hours drive north of Chennai, and you Mamalapuram and Kanchipuram. These two amazing city preserved in stone the power of ancient Indian empires. The beauty of their buildings excites the imagination, making the plunge into the philosophical reflections of the eternal and unsolved topic being.

Chennai for its cultural spheres, mysterious stories and historical mysteries will long remain in the memory of every seasoned traveler.

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