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for Sure, every man had to hear such acids, such as omega-3 and also about how they are good for health.

so, is polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in large amounts in fish fat varieties, avocado, olive oil, and some other less fat products.


Some facts about fatty acids

About fatty acids for the first time began to speak even in the thirties. And since then, to this day there are studies that will allow physicians and scientists to determine the properties of these compounds and, of course, the effects are on the body when consumed. In the seventies of the last century carried out extensive exploration in Greenland. And thus it turned out that the Inuit, the natives of the island, almost sick a variety of cardiovascular diseases. And all this because the inhabitants of this island regularly and in pretty large quantities consume fatty fish, which is rich in the so-called polyunsaturated fatty acids.

today the benefits of omega-3 acids directly in the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, no one can even doubt that. And at the same time, gradually, revealed important new information that indicates that polyunsaturated fatty acids are required in order to maintain excellent vision and good of other systems and organs.


Why is omega 3 for the heart so helpful?

to give the correct answer to this question, first we need to understand what can cause harm to our hearts in different lithiasis and saturated fats.

Cholesterol is postponed on walls of vessels, and this leads to the formation of cholesterol plaques. And then the blood vessels may become fragile and less elastic – atherosclerosis, and a number of other serious cardiovascular complications.

But still the cholesterol is not so harmful as it might seem at first glance. It is known that he is "good" (high density lipoproteins) and "bad" (low density lipoprotein). The consumption of enormous quantities of saturated fat contributes to the rapid increase in the concentration of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, which increases the possibility of atherosclerosis. And when you consume enough omega-3 fatty acids decreases the level of lipoproteins of low density, and increases the amount of lipoproteins of high density.

moreover, with the regular use of those products, which are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, is significantly reduced in the blood total lipids. Surprisingly, but fact: in order to decreased the concentration of fat in the blood, it is necessary to eat fatty fish and vegetable oils with a high content of fatty acids.

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