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my Friends, remember one simple truth - money on the Internet is, the Internet is no freebies! Unfortunately, 98% of users stubbornly refuse to understand it. They are looking for "how to make a million in three days" and in the search just spend a lot of time. Well, do not want people to understand that the Internet is a same real environment, where there are buyers and sellers, there is supply and demand, there are employers and the unemployed, there is all that we see in everyday life. There is no single - khalyavnykh money, in principle, as in the real world. Also requires a lot of time and some important knowledge. Today we will talk about this in more detail.


Certain knowledge

in order to get something, something must give. Want to have a good online experience? For example, to work in the design Studio remotely? No problem, but You should be able to do something. To create sites, as an example. And what do you need? Properly, to learn how to create them. Accordingly, the desired knowledge, and what knowledge to obtain - it is necessary to invest their time on training. Invest your labor, get the job. It's simple, like a door. Of course, work on the Internet of interest to all because it is convenient, profitable, prestigious and a lot more relieve Your work schedule. But need to work.


where to start

And so, work on the Internet for beginners. No man in the world who didn't know! Each of us can do better than others or the same. So, for those who want to find work on the Internet, I suggest one go to the site This is a kind of employment exchange where employers are looking for performers.
You can write texts to order, to paint, to do a lot of other work that is to be found on this exchange. Proposals there are a dime a dozen!


Your own business

Now about your case online. There may be one. If You really want to work for yourself, have your own business online - You need to prepare for this solid platform. The two main components is its own blog and the subscription base to Your readers. Generally, the online business not to tell in one article, we will speak separately, but understand this: for a successful business, a personal blog, You necessary as air. Otherwise the end. But you can also buy it from other people, but to process your. Remember, the point is what you need to make a lot of people read your blog and took a lot of useful information.


Technical issues

Technical issues - technical issues, but a nice, popular and interesting personal blog is the Foundation, the basis from which to start. Absolutely all successful people in the network started with your own blog and continue to develop it. But, friends, the blog should be professional, not free in the yukoz, and for a good hosting.
If You want something more - a personal blog! That's where You should focus to start. The blog and the subscription base. When will be ready a solid Foundation then you can build on.

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