What are the different types of visas in USA?


depending on what you aim to undertake visits in the United States, there are different types of visas. Also this will directly depend the complete list of all mandatory documents. More information you will find the company .


Visa, which is designed for tourists and business

Tourist visa to USA today is the most popular. It is made for those people who want to go on vacation or on their personal objectives as well as to watch American good seats and the like. This visa is characterized in that it has a category "B1".

as for short business visits, meetings with business partners, in this case issued a visitor visa with a category "B2".


Visa for

If you have the desire to start working in the States, you for this is required a work visa. In order to get it you need first of all to your main employer or it can be a recruitment Agency much earlier filed form I-129 petition in the service of America citizenship and also immigration. In the case where it approves the Agency, the employer will provide form I-797. Only after approval will be carried out, you can go and apply directly at the Consulate.


Visa for students

Student US visa is usually issued to those who wish to undergo some training on the territory of the United States. At a time when you will carry out the serve, then you definitely must get the acceptance from your chosen educational institution. Only in America you can find 2 types of student visas:

  • F-1 as it is the most popular option of all visas issued during academic study, for example, in colleges, schools, universities or to learn English through special programmes. Also F-1 can be obtained and then, if the time on the training per week more than 18 hours.
  • the
  • M-1 is issued for those people who are engaged in non-academic education (e.g. professional, how often it happens).

Visa for bride and groom

If a woman from any country planning to marry directly for American, in order to enter the U.S., she needs a visa (K3/K4). This is the kind of visa you can get and a man who intends to marry the citizen of America.

This document provides the right to live in America on a permanent basis. After entry into this country, a woman or man will have only three months to marry.

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