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today, Cribs have wide range of functions. Not all potential buyers aware of any constructive designers and finds that it is profitable to buy children's furniture in the Internet. In this article we will talk about the main types of modern children's beds.


In General, adolescent and children's beds can be divided into:

  • Single beds for children less than 3 years. These beds have sides with a height of about 1 meters;
  • Standard single single bed for children over 3 years. Additionally, over such beds can have a hinged design and can be characteristic of adolescent or children's design, or even a universal form;
  • Polutorapolnye beds. In these beds the upper tier is at a height of 60 cm - 1.2 m, and the lower tier on the day hiding under the top (there is only a slit about the height of your bed and pillows), and at night the lower tier extends before the upper and the result is a cascade (and are also three of poltoratski for 3 children). This option is more suitable for those who are thinking that the classic bunk bed gromadina and reduces a child's room;
  • Bunk beds with non-removable tiers. In these beds, the lower tier is inseparable from the top, so to parse this structure, you can only entirely;
  • two-piece Bunk beds. Them in the upper tier is removed, and as a result he can become a full-fledged single bed or it just can be dismantled separately from the lower layer;
  • a loft Bed with a free area on the lower tiers. These beds are located at elevations of 130 - 200 cm from the floor, they rely either on the side lockers, or on the legs or on the Cabinet and stair design, under which, in turn, you can put whatever you want: a chair, table, sofa, Cabinet with TV, the bed is located perpendicular to the upper tier and even the door to the room. To see an example of such beds you can in the online store Furniture ECT :
  • loft Bed with built-in shelves and under her Desk. These beds are bunk design, the lower tier which holds the Cabinet, plus the table and the top bed. The lower tier in such beds is part of the upper support, so remove it from the design without complete disassembly will not work.

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