The necessity of learning foreign languages in the modern world


a Quarter century ago the iron curtain fell , separating the Soviet Union from the rest of the world, both mental and real. Today, every law-abiding inhabitant of our country can go anywhere in the world, aimlessly, as they say. But, getting in an unfamiliar environment, we first face a language barrier that does not allow to communicate freely. Of course, just can't learn physically, but to know at least one or two languages, which have international status just need. If this does not help you in your journey or it will surely increase your chances to understand most of the information contained on overseas Internet sites. This will help ALIBRA SCHOOL, which opened its offices in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg and Kazan.



In the study of foreign languages plays a key role methodology, practical experience and teaching skills. All of this without a doubt boasts a network of schools ALIBRA SCHOOL, first division for the first time saw the world in Northern Russia's cultural capital 16 years ago. Today it is the largest educational network of 18 offices in major cities. Every year their audience passes up to 12 thousand listeners, and for all the time existence, they were able to provide an adequate level of language proficiency more than 100 thousand people.

Thanks to the innovative methods of teaching Skyrocket, the authorship of which belongs to the faculty of the school, their graduates, in just eight months can overcome the way from beginner to a confident middle. The school is constantly improving, trying to keep up with the times, introducing new solutions in the educational process. In particular, we are talking about a special application for mobile devices (Alibra Sky), which allows not to tear off from training at any time and in any place.


What courses can be studied in ALIBRA SCHOOL?

School is pleased to offer our students the eight key training areas:

  • English for adults. To learn and improve is never too late. If school or student bench behind him, but there is a need and desire to move forward, then English will be your guiding light. To master it can Skyrocket courses, mini-courses, conversational and phonetic courses in the program of intensive training and study of business language;
  • English for kids. School age is the most favorable time for learning. Moreover, the school has separate age groups involved in programs Kid s Box and Gateway. Teachers are encouraged to develop an individual approach to every student, developing his or her maximum ability. In addition, school-based programme in preparation for delivery of IEG and the GIA on the subject;
  • French in three months. If you have never studied the language francs, or want to improve your knowledge, then you definitely have come to the right place. After 3 months you will be able to feel confident on the banks of the Seine or somewhere in the wine areas of Aquitaine;
  • German. ALIBRA SCHOOL-based programmes of training of base level, conversation courses, business and language training for passing international tests in just 8 months;
  • Spanish and Italian. For each of the areas customers ALIBRA SCHOOL will be able to master the basic programmes and advanced training courses;
  • Russian language. The state language is the key to the existence and awareness of its role in the development of ordinary citizens. ALIBRA SCHOOL offers to improve knowledge of the native language, to consolidate the practical and theoretical aspects, to properly prepare for a mandatory exam;
  • Chinese. Our South-Eastern neighbour is one of the trendsetters in the contemporary world economy, but this language is extremely difficult to comprehend and study. ALIBRA SCHOOL will dispel this myth and let you to plunge in Chinese-beginners, intermediate and business level. Also in the school are English language programs for children.

How many languages the man knows, so many times he is a man . So when we spoke on Goethe, and it's hard to disagree, especially in today's world.

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