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Our society every day with unimaginable speed immersed in the digital world. The Internet has become in our everyday life and today without virtual surfing not do almost none day the average resident of city line, especially the younger generation.

work on the creation of the Internet was conducted from the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century solely in the interests of the defense Ministry of the USA, and then the scientific community, because everyone needed a reliable source of information exchange.
For the modern generation, the Internet is not only a bottomless well of information, but also a way of communication, breaking all canons and boundaries. An example of this can serve as a social network between users in communities of interest. But where there is an audience and communicate, it creates an excellent ground for business. Today for anybody is not a big secret the fact that social networks are one of the most promising platforms for advertising distribution, and, focused, targeted. Next, we will try to lift the curtain of secrecy hanging over the issue .


What is group and how it differs from public?

Network Vkontakte allows its users to unite in different communities, for example, in groups and publics. The group may be created by any user, as well as to join it and everyone can, then leaving posts, reposts, comments, etc. the Public is, in fact, also a group, but it differs from the classical mechanism for the creation, attraction of new adherents and their role in its existence. The key difference is that the Creator of the public is its administrator and moderator. He can post on the news page at its discretion. But users of the public who do not join the group and subscribe to him can only comment on the news.


Why advertising in pubs are so profitable?

Distribute advertising is easiest where there is demand or there is a certain percentage of the target audience. To place these ads can be in groups, but they each live their own life. Another thing the public where necessary and unnecessary information is posted only by the administrator. This means that there will be no confusion in the posts and their content and the number will be exactly the subject of advertising objectives.


How to make money on advertising to the public?

Public Vkontakte is a kind of microblog behalf of a loved one. You have hundreds and thousands of subscribers (if the group is untwisted and popular among web users), the daily traffic is measured in thousands and tens of thousands, and every comment or like this passive viral income. The principle of placing advertising on the pages is that the advertiser buys from the owner of the public the right to post your ad.

it is Obvious that these communities are different in quality and attendance, respectively, the price of one post in them can vary considerably. When you select public to post your own advertisements, you must consider a number of points:

  • the Ratio of the number of subscribers and attendance. In practice, you need to search for pages where the figure is in the range of 10-20 %;
  • Comparison of objects of advertising and a potential target audience, which should amount to 70% of the total number attending;
  • Find high-quality pages is done manually. Occasionally, when short of time, you can hire the services of intermediaries;
  • When creating your ad should to push aside stereotypes and to stop the pressure in the forehead, but take into account the potential interests of the audience;
  • Choose the right time for from the point of view of traffic growth.

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