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Perhaps each of us has ever bought something on the Internetstore may successfully and remained satisfied with your purchase, and perhaps quite the opposite was extremely happy with my purchase. Usually difficult for us to evaluate the product remotely, it is easier to evaluate the electronics, photo equipment, souvenirs, miscellaneous goods « consumer » that have clear SPECIFICATIONSiki based on which we choose them. Merchandise which has no expiration date and elaborated defined by the manufacturer does not cause difficulties in the selection. And how to be like with clothes, you ask. much more difficult than choosing for example tea or TV.

Here is our choice is much more complicated, not expanses internETA is now known as the mass and new stores, which we can put on without getting up from the computer. But it is wonderful as it seems at first glance? What are the challenges? In the photo the product or its description? At a certain store or abundance of ability to pay? &Nbsp; Delivery times or service delivery? Let's try to sort thingsratsya.

Provision of goods in online store

Let's start with the presentation of goods online store, in addition to the bright pictures such as a woman's dress, we would see a photo taken in the « live » which will be displayed liked us a copy of the plateauI am, but they practice is not always good quality and made not the best technique, sometimes they just difficult to disassemble parts. But the more detail we can see our favorite thing on the screen, the better choices we make, the less likely that we will be disappointed when receiving the goods. Descriptionproduct must contain at least a minimum set of its characteristics: manufacturer, material, color, size.

famous shop

famous shop, perhaps not unimportant factor, but it usually works: Commodity, couriers, managers, warehouse workers. All they need tomake the buying process as easy as possible for us to offer it and navigate. After all, a good shop always values ??its name and monitors the quality of its service. Should pay attention to the period of the answer to your order, maybe worth the time and talk to the manager on the phone, which will get a glimpse of his competenceentsii, literacy, communication, and that is not unimportant friendly and helpful. A set of answers to these questions will help make the right decision.


In our time, there are many services which allows you to pay for purchases remotely, but not all of them bezopasny and many of them can bring to the loss of money. Payment by credit card is perhaps the most dangerous way, you should pay attention to whose account you transfer funds where the account is opened store, Set whether the account is in the details of the store. The more reliable the bank is in the details of which you need to make the payment, the reliabilityYour e operation. Electronic money has become so common in recent years, is also far from safe, usually anonymous account holders, the account holder pritenzy present a rather complicated process. The surest method of payment, cash couriers or cash on delivery, you can hold the item in your hands and you will have the possibilityof refuse, if you brought wrong item which you expect.


Courier delivery is perhaps the weakest point of any store, especially in the pre-holiday period. If your store site is listed as a known courier company with a wide pokrytiem and offices in Russia, it means that the store is working to form a legal entity that is an additional guarantee. Delivery time, the aspect that is worth paying attention. If the delivery time in your city is more than 4 days, and the store is in your town, stands guard. For certain product is no longerIn stock shop and delivery may take time, that will take some inconveniences. Pay attention to Russia send mail, the presence of such a method indicates readiness shop responsible for the quality of the goods, nor far from each store will send the goods without payment in this way.

In any case, be careful buying clothes online and carefully study all aspects, if you do the order for the first time. Try to find reviews on the Internet about the store, read the information in the social. Networks. I wish you a pleasant shopping and fast shipping!

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