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Wood as a building material, ceased to be a thing of the past. New technologiesand wood processing allow to revive the traditions of wooden architecture, while adapting them to the requirements of modern times. But brick is also not give up its position, becoming also a traditional building material specifications which are time-tested. And yet it is better to opt for the construction of your house?

The most basic,What should I look for when choosing a building material - qualification and specialization of builders. If construction is expected of bricks, then find experienced workers easier. The situation is different with the beam. It not only requires special storage and handling, and installation. Many times new, beautiful appearance after a certain timeshrinkability. This not only makes the cottage from the house to the "chicken legs", but also makes it impossible to use double-glazed windows.

A qualified and experienced builders of houses of brick is much easier to find. And now look at the main advantages and disadvantages of each of the materials.


In deroar, compared with a brick, a lower weight. This reduces the cost of the foundation - it can be done easily. The inner surface of the walls not only can be left in its natural form, or by applying the minimum finish. The advantages include low and background radiation, a healthy microclimate.

The tree is rather low thermal conductivityof that is also very profitable: in the thick walls need not. Building wooden houses can be conducted during the cold season. Of course, the tree is slightly inferior to the brick fire resistance and resilience, but it is not so critical, because all available special impregnation of wood.


This material does not bite bugs, it is highly resistant to atmospheric conditions. The design of the brick has high strength and durability. But as the brick has a large share, you have to put a solid foundation to a depth of freezing ground. Then, if you going to build a brick house or cottage, where there is noe live permanently, then at its heating take much more time than a wooden house. Add to this the appearance of capillary moisture, and the advantage of wooden houses will become even more apparent. If you still suffer daily until the house to heat, the wallpaper, furniture and other items can be soaked so that their visual characteristicsand will be deteriorated. Brick walls must be thick - more than 50 cm.

In addition, it should be noted that no interior will not do. If the house from the inside of the log has the charm of a natural material, the brick needs to close. Work on the construction of brick buildings are limited in winter.

as an alternativeSecond option - the construction of buildings using both materials. For example, the base is made of brick, and the rest of the structure - made of wood.

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