Wooden houses

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Wooden houses

Man has always planning any operations. The construction requires the most planning. Before the construction of the house he must ask and answer many questions: Will I ever live in this house? What are the parameters of construction? Etc.
From these questions follow one set of questions: From what i should build? Which material is more environmentally friendly? Why build a small country house of bricks?

Therefore, wood is the best material for the construction. It is well heated in cold weather, perfectly dried.

Most often pine board, about 15 cm thick is used for buildings, but wooden structures still have such downside, as a fire hazard, but modern coverage reduces it enough. Usually the upper part of the house is built of wood, and the most dangerous to fire objects from refractory materials.

If a person lives in a wooden house, he is healthy as mentally, as physically. Wooden house gives us a nice golden color of the walls, delicate scent of pine trees and much more. No reinforced concrete box apartments can be compared with the comfort of a wooden house.

Also, the construction from the wood requires the least capital investment. So in future you will not need to spend a lot money for communal services in the house, much can be achieved by yourself.

The house will not be expensive, but at the same time, it will be warm, cozy, spacious and safe. Wooden houses are divided into several types: log-in and chopped logs, sawn or house from glued timber frame and panel. Modern technologies tend to build log cabins made of logs.

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