Church and Society: Mission Impossible?

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The Church, as a public organization, as religiozny Institute, which claims to "mind, honor and conscience" of the people, must perform a number of tasks, and "educate" people their statutes - the last thing. The main thing is to help the community grow morally sustainable generation in the spirit of mutual goodwill, to help the school and family in the process of education where it takes the initiative, it does notimposing it. But the example of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - the largest churches in the former Soviet Union, we can, unfortunately, to establish the fact that it does not fulfill its mission to the extent necessary. On the contrary, bishops, priests and laity, with rare exceptions, are caught in their spiritual imperfections, their greed.

Problems Church: simony, pedophilia

Of course, this is not news: Serious problems - Simon (strongly generalize - church corruption, in particular, the sale of the priesthood), which is almost completely absorbed the Church of Constantinople 5-7 centuries, pedophilia caused the mass scandals, when the "rubbishout of the house "left post. But it were holy and inspired preachers. Now, not just" oskude Monk ", but the problem has become deeper: church leaders openly flirting with the authorities, who do not consider themselves bound to know even the basics of faith! It is worth remembering that the first abbots of Kiev-Pechersk and the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, many izvestnyh monasteries observe a certain distance from the powers that be. They disapproved of good initiatives, but not silent when the princes, nobles and even kings lawlessness, without fear of reprisals.

The Church and Politics

Now, the Church gives credibility in its entirety, as it were, under theassigning to at all, what will happen in the country, forgetting two nuances. The first is that in canon law (20th Apostolic Canon) prohibited the clergy entrusted to any person for the sake of their own profit. The second is that by supporting the head of state openly unconditionally in all, the Church becomes promoutputer, the best promoter policy. For a fee, of course. Unfortunately, this is often notorious for thirty pieces of silver: for donated cars for "money to the temple", most of which ends up in the pockets of the clergy managers. Currently you can see the video where unrepentant bandits trying to "otmystsya" from serious cJehovih bunch of dollars. A pop sits surrounded by "their spouses" "theologized": "What Christ also received a robber!". How does the tongue turns lead such comparisons?!

Church corruption

This church corruption is a threat to the world of Christianity, his authorityy and causes a loss of confidence among the population. Before the show the way out of this universal Orthodox crisis, it is worth noting the main thing: the people, please do not confuse the concept of the Church as the Mystical Body of Christ, which never begins a crusade never advocated violence and has always been and will be Holy () and The Church, as opOrganization of believers who have passion, sins and shortcomings in spiritual growth!

How can further be?

Now, how is next to be. Believers need to stop the build of a hostage Destiny - you only get these pastors who are worthy. Pastors - please do not be silent, andreprove loud! When all admit that, yes, it is impossible for the priest to set a fixed fee, as well as a fee at all, believe me, the money only increase. Donations - because they are: who will give a penny, and some thousand. Then, you need to stop flirting with the "money-bags" on their feet. When the priest calls after Sunday liturgii your sponsor makes the choir sing glorification of saints in the phone, and then states that the sponsor has been in the service, it is vile and disgusting. And this is not fiction, but actually occurred case. Be "salt of the earth", be luminaries and have proper pastoral self-esteem and dignity!

Well, unbelievers have nothing to say torum one thing: do not be hasty in the conclusions come to pray in different temples, communicate with and understand different believers - The Holy Spirit in the Church is!

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