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That done, the decision is made two lovers people, marriage proposalHeart made beautiful and romantic, and hearing treated kindly welcome « Yes & raquo ;, uttered by candlelight or misty moon. And what's next? A further – preparation for the snow-white and fluffy wedding.

It does not matter, the first time you marry, or you have already experienced in the preparations for the wedding ceremony, you want to make Radosttion events of the original, memorable, unique. Want to see the guests admired not only gorgeous dress of the bride and tasteful suit groom not only well selected menu in a delightful restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, not only beautiful long car with floral design, but also thought-out and interesting for all gueststh, as well as for honeymooners program performances on the wedding party.

And if with a choice of delicious menus and wedding clothes everything is simple: went to the bridal salon, tried and bought, then the selection of show programs can deliver many to a standstill. And some artists choose? What to look for when watching the show program? And most importantly –where?

And here you can get help from the endless expanses of the Internet, the waves of which there are artists and shows for every taste and budget. Think about it, and what you would like?

Show illusion

For the wedding budget with little guests perfect performance illusionist. Show of illusionsion, typically consists of two parts. First, brutal magician will meet guests banquet micromagic consisting of tricks that are shown individually for each guest, as they say, « magic at arm's length & raquo ;. Your friends will be participants unusual tricks and miracles themselves are a few wizards. And when aboutfitsialnaya and gift part of the ceremony is complete, the magician will perform on stage with a spectacular performance for all guests. Magic and miracles accompanied by beautiful music.

Sand show

There is no doubt, a safe bet performances at the weddingcan become sand show. About the magic sand animation show most people have learned from the program « Minute of Fame & raquo ;. In St. Petersburg, a few artists know the art of sand painting on a glass table. Glass table below is highlighted by gentle light bulb, and the image is translated to the big screen, or, if there is such asnical opportunity on a plasma TV. Paintings created by the yellow sea sand, flow smoothly into one another, and form a sand animation film. The artist prepares in advance the plot of the film of sand, a unique show-program prepared by your story. Sand picture shows a specially selected music in accordanceand with your tastes and preferences.

Show light pictures

If you want to surprise your guests at the wedding something unique and unprecedented, vip-organize the program, there will help you show elegant light pictures. Ultraviolet beam drawing technique in the world isadeyut only a few artists, and in St. Petersburg artists such only two. Imagine all the deliciousness UV show: in the darkness of the restaurant on a huge canvas with a wave of a special artist's hands appear light paintings. Properties of light such that the image visible a few minutes and is gradually extinguished, andthe background of the creator creates the following masterpiece stunning imagination. Unprecedented curiosity – show light pictures available to lovers in St. Petersburg.

Show bubbles

Do you want a fun and unusual tricks at his own wedding? Then note na classic show of soap bubbles, or, for example, soap show performed by an Angel! Do not believe me? Yes, and this is also possible. Angel famously managed with small and large bubbles, organizes soap and shower soap cake, arrange a trail of smoky color and bubbles, you will see the hot bubbles, and in the final, all guests will svidEthel romantic kiss inside a huge bubble!

The choice of artists for a wedding can be a fun event. Bright wedding ceremony you!

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