Purchasing an apartment: what is the most important thing for the buyer?

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What are the main steps shouldmake a smart shopper to « thorny » the path to finding housing and how to prevent from bad purchase? First, select the Real Estate Agency - determining factor in the success of the Buyer.

The choice of the Agency

Your agent should penetrate into the taste of the buyer to delvaluable advice, suggest suitable options. But in any case not to talk about compulsory purchase. It is even possible to talk to temporarily buy an apartment.

I want to understand who is really a professional Realtor. This specialist will certainly be held responsible for every action, willing to subscribe to "the Treaty on aClient & Maintenance ", you will find not only a house, after the required number of views (you can see yourself, education is not necessary for this), but check completely all the circumstances related to the agreement. Your agent should have a good culture of speech, to be well-mannered, well-disposed to the Client. Realtor like thread IUforward to the Buyer and the Seller, so it can affect the relationship between them. That is such a specialist can be called a realtor, the remaining pseudo-experts only discredit this honorary title and hinder the work of the real estate market.

Choosing a realtor

It is very important stage for the buyer ischoice of real estate firm and accordingly realtor. It does not allow a huge mistake ischya broker, look for a company. In a normal well-known firm, which is very concerned about its excellent reputation, bad realtor just do not take to his staff. On this occasion, I advise you to focus on the firm toist Agency.

Nezdumayte usualwith brokers. Especially if they are not registered anywhere, not subordinates, as a result do not bear any liability to the purchaser.
Let's say you, dear reader, - Buyer that he decided to look for an apartment.

Do not Watch out for the field of view of the fact that advertising can give brokers sellers. As a result, they will be Articlearatsya hide imperfections, to protect the interests of the seller, your interests, respectively, will not be considered.

Buyers interested usually first walls, ceilings, floors, plumbing and other less important things too. Interested need very different nuances.

Imagine the situation: you go to, etc.check that you organize the broker seller. You do not know, maybe they are friends or relatives? You are completely defenseless, left alone with professionals. Invite or hire a realtor cost-effective, although for the services of a realtor will have to pay a lot of money. Realtor save his client a lot of time, nerves and health as well as Kerezhet from buying bad housing.

This realtor does not take money for some information or advice. Unfortunately, the buyer often deceived in this respect, saying that they say pay for the preview.

Find interesting option to organize and view maybe even any student. A professional realtor can take   money for reducingix risk! Of course, to completely eliminate these risks can not be. But bring down to a minimum - possible. And this can be done only by trained specialist.
It is the responsibility of the notary is not necessary. They are not investigators, not a psychiatrist, though written in the documents « capacity has been tested & raquo ;, talking to a man of fewchickpeas. The notary does not communicate with neighbors, employees ZhEKov not put them additional questions.

According to the materials of the portal « Russian Realty & raquo ;, where you can find, Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities.

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