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Pottery (withet al. Gr. - Clay) - the product of inorganic materials (clay) and their mixtures with mineral additives, which are manufactured at high temperatures and cooled at the end.

In a concept word means clay pottery, which took place burning. In other matters now has a membership of many other non-metallic materials. These materialscan be translucent or transparent, i.e. can be made of glass. The earliest pottery found its application in the pot, because it can withstand fairly high temperatures. &Nbsp; Currently, ceramics are widely used in the industries of taki as: instrumentation, mechanical engineering, aviation, etc., And usesXia in medicine, art construction, science. In XX century created new ceramic materials for the semiconductor industry.

The first pottery

The first pottery were discovered by archaeologists in some areas of our earth, in the Paleolithic era. The appearance of pottery is also associated with thesem period, tools and weapons hunters landowners often made of cherepashnika. Our projects ancestors began to use a primitive way of focal firing of household items made of clay, and they Stavan durable and waterproof.

Ceramics started to use in construction, in the beginning just daubed housing. Began to produce Glynyanye rollers, which was dried in the sun. In order to expand and accelerate the process of making such materials have come up with special oven - Mountain.

High development reached pottery in the east, where such material as wood was rare, clay became the main material for different subjects by different methods.

BOlsha importance in the development of artistic and technical mastery of construction took ceramics during the heyday of ancient civilization. Huge fortifications, housing based in the region of a powerful amalgamation of the Sumerian-Akkadskogo States focused mainly with the plate-shaped brick - size 20x30x10 or 31x34x10 cm. For facing palacesand temples - use colored fired glazed tiles and bricks, which constituted a remarkable artistic panels that made the building monuments of art.

A major role provided ceramics in ancient China, India, Japan and other countries   ancient Asia, as evidenced by the ruins of the ancient Indian cities with many othersogoetazhnymi houses lined with bricks, the Great Wall of China and the construction of these distant epochs.

Ceramic Tile

Tiles - usually flat, thin-walled or not, can beat Glazed product kotoRoe used for walls and laying floors. Ceramic tile is one of the most ancient stroymaterialov.Ona used in ancient Egypt as early as the 13th century BC at that time had a large thickness. Often it was applied ornament that consisted of patterns. The ceramic tiles are produced by roasting products that are producedmixtures of various grades of clay, with the addition of other natural elements, temperature: 1040 - 1300 C (depending on the tiles).

The tiles are made of a mixture of the following:

  • quartz sand;
  • clay;
  • feldspar.

The glaze is made from a mixture of the following:

  • kaolin clays;
  • sand;
  • pigments based on oxides;
  • Glass baby.

Application of ceramic tiles:

  • Floor tiles;
  • Ceramic (wall) tiles;
  • Tile tiled swimming pools;
  • Paving stone;
  • Facade tiles.

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