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In the past expansesInternet were the best target for information, it will get there faster and was much closer to reality. Now, you should look on the public social networking sites and other places, it is possible to encounter such things as viral news, in order to discriminate and undermine the authority of the person. The news quickly divergessites and social networks that the worst thing they unquestioningly believe. Ducks began. And it's not the worst. Can be found, for example, diets that will cause significant damage to your health. Or recipes « Folk » ointments and medicines, which are not only not save from the disease, but also the possible blow to the body poisoning. Are you surenna that diets and recipes are specialists? Are you sure it will benefit? So, it is necessary to consider where do we lie, and how to define.


In the past, a powerful weapon were literature and music. In the USSR, it is clearly seen and controlled. All evil GovermentWu just could not get into the mass printing and oral transmission, or spread of arbitrary paper very much inferior. News or opinion expressed on paper simply could not go away quickly, and the song if it is agreeable to simply could not be sung. Further, there was a massive TV. This proved to be too powerful tool for propaganda.And it was controlled by the government.

Internet, social networks

But the Internet, social networks . They became even more powerful weapons. News travels with great speed through the repost and Public virtually no control. Anyone can express an opinion.
At first glance there full freedom of expression. But what prevents thrust in duck tape, which quickly disperse. At the same time will be accepted on faith. Freedom of expression inInternet has served, in part, a disservice. People who perceive a hostile reception from any news media, easily believe in any news on the Internet. Importantly, other people know when to slip « duck » and believe it. As a result, went heaps « ducks ».

For example, the news that the deputy Milon decided to cut vacation to 1 month instead of 3 quickly sold on the social network Vkontakte, although it started just for fun. As a result, a bunch of attacks on Milonova and lots of fun jokers. They just chose the right moment to launch « Duck & raquo ;. From this it can be concludedthat the territory « Internet » unfolding war opposition and the government. A media war recognizes any, even the most dirty money.
How do you know that the information – lie? So, check official sources. Second, review the information on data realities. For example, when there are plenty ofI think the bills, but most of the cast after the first review, and some even do not allow. So someone invented the bill is not a law. Second, the analysis of the information will help you determine the veracity of the information, but you should be quite erudite.

So, then, there are numerousabout diets, prescription drugs, regimens of drugs to treat diseases. Say in advance, this information could harm your health. Do you want to make a diet, it is best to go to a professional dietitian, yes, spend money, but save your health. A miracle diet that will save you from 10 pounds all a fairy tale. Recipes receiving medical preparationSTV and everything else that is related to the treatment and health is better to entrust the specialist, as some people on the Internet are coming up with all this without the proper knowledge, just to fill the site / group.

As a professional, it is difficult to understand, but there is much more information dostovePHA.

attribute information Often famous people. Check out the official site. And remember. On the Internet you can find a true opinion, but the information often is false.
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