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is a self study quality (safety, consumer characteristics, nutritional value, etc.), as well as the quantity and compliance with the terms of the contract (agreement) and normative documentation of the individual commodities (the whole lot) with the provision of a reasoned, competent to enter into.

merchandising expertise provides:

  • Expert evaluation of the quality, quantity, price and warranty products;
  • The approximate price of the goods, because of their fPractical quality and so on. d.;
  • Expert assessment to identify products;
  • Examination of quality used or defective goods.

Objects merchandising expertise:

  • for industrial use (freight elevators, electrical equipment, power equipment, machinery, processing machinery, industrial production lines, industrial equipment, cranes, presses, machine tools, and so on. D.);
  • household purposes (home appliances, electronicka, rugs, furniture, inventory items, jewelry, and so on. d.).

According to the tasks and objectives of the examination of goods and products is divided into:

  • bank;
  • accounting;
  • advice;
  • contract;
  • insurance;
  • customs;
  • merchandising.

The purpose of tovarovedchesCoy expertise

Specialists Chamber of Commerce in conducting merchandising expertise depending on the task define:

  • According to the relevant quantities of shipping documents provider - the number of examination;
  • compliance with consumer goods properties regulatory requirements - quality expertise;
  • causes of defects, their nature, reducing the level of product quality in the process: production, transport, storage;
  • correctly revaluationEnki or markdown goods;
  • to match the quality and price;
  • compliance with labeling and packaging requirements of the standard, the terms of contracts;
  • documented data on the form, a form of product evidence;
  • identification of goods for customs taxation;
  • matching product code of the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity NHS UKT VED EAN, NTNS Ukraine and the like.

This allows you to determine the value of expertise ryznogof equipment or goods, as well as to analyze their technical state.

An independent judiciary and merchandising expertise

Independent merchandising expertise of goods can be carried out in the event that there is a need to assess the value or damage causedIn a fire, the Gulf (household appliances, electronics, furniture, etc..). Merchandising judicial examination prescribed in the case when we consider civil or commercial claims for disagreements and claims for damages for defective products.

Independent merchandising expertise equipment should be made to the definitionShare causes of equipment failure or malfunction. During the examination of inspection and diagnosis of the object, analyzes the characteristics of work, study condition, exploring fact comply with the rules of operation, establish a connection between vozniknuvshey failures and the failure of these rules.

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