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amd mobile market

processor amd BulldozerFailure, which is considered the release of processors under the code name Bulldozer, it seems, was able to convince the AMD company, that now is impossible to effectively resist the Intel company on the constantly evolving PC market. A large number of users expect wondrous performance from 8-core FX processors. After a while it became clear that they concede even 6-core Phenom II processorsprocessor amd  Phenom II, which refer to the previous generation.
Recently, it was reported that AMD is planning to give up the battle with Intel. This company intends to stop production of processors for PCs and throw all their efforts on the mobile market. It is expected that management will take appropriate measures in the near time. It is unknown when we will see completely changed strategy, which is totally different from the previous one.platform amd FusionAdhering a certain goal, AMD is not going to stop the development of its own platform under the name Fusion. The strategy will allow for a shorter period of time to optimize its performance. In addition, the company will focus on the production of chips which will be used in modern models of tablets and smartphones.
Present time is crucial for AMD company. If, nevertheless, the rejection of the PC market will happen, then we can all forget about the confrontation AMD vs Intel« AMD vs. Intel» , because they already are not able to return even the past positions.
A large number of analysts believe that AMD can not ignore the changing desires of consumers because of the constant offset of competitive dynamics. The reason for this can be considered constant opening of new markets, plus now is observed massive restructuring. As a result, many companies are continuing to work on searching the solutions to overcome this situation without losses.
RAM AMDIn 2011 AMD company a long period of time was without the director, what can be considered a sign of that the company wants to do something. At this time a new manager was selected the person who can take drastic measures when it necessary. This will open up a new path for development. Mobile direction has already begun to be studied: memory from AMD appeared on the market. Staff, which is working in the company significantly reduced, this applies to all marketing departments. In a short time management intends to get rid of another 10% of the staff.
amd architecture ARMBecause of the solidity of competitors and other factors it also will be difficult to harness the mobile market. But devices, at the heart of in which is used ARM architecture, are able to cope with this task. AMD will compete with Qualcomm, TI, as well as NVIDIA. Such a list is very long. amd architecture ARMLet us assume that the company will move from one headache to another, but Intel company gradually starts to master mobile market too. Eventually, this strategy will only takes the old opposition to a new arena.
In AMD say they do not going to change the priorities of their activities. Maybe the company wants to get rid of the x86 architecture and fully move on amd turion 2 neo ARM? It turned out that this is not so. This company is the main leader in x86- processors, and is not going to say goodbye to this market. AMD representatives say that they chose a new strategy to accelerate the release of products that will save the company from noticeable industrial developments.

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    Milos - 27.11.2012, 13:47
    Prossesors war between Amd and Intel, have been completely won by Intel, so Amd have no another choice how to move their forces on mobile market, but i think Intel will get them there too.