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What is the charm of the province, so it is away from the noise of the setgomillionnogo center. So that's provincial, albeit with the status of the regional center, the city is Khmelnitsky. According to state standards, it's pretty compact city (number of population is around 260,000 people), nothing, at first glance, no different from the same compact neighboring regional centers as Rivne, Ternopil. Mezhdu those located in industrial, commercial and cultural facilities, worthy of attention, but not widely known among the citizens. Really significant indicator and, in fact, the hallmark of the city is well-known (both in Ukraine and abroad) market where you can buy at the lowest prices. This market has the status of arupneyshego in the western region and one of the largest (along with Odessa "7 km" or Kharkov "Barabashovo") in Ukraine. This is evidenced by the fact that the daily market territory visited by hundreds of thousands of people. In fact, Khmelnitsky clothing market is a collection of several small and specialized marketsites located in one large area.

The most famous and largest trading platforms Khmelnitsky market are:

  • Old Bazaar, specializing in clothing trade higher price segment - furs, leather goods, fashionable clothes;
  • The new market, which is a platform for retail goods and middle segment of the budget;
  • High-rise garages, areas for trade toys home appliances, perfumes;
  • Geologists (sale of footwear and textiles);
  • Darson,Everesli (cheap Chinese and Syrian and goods).

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