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The English language is consistently ranked in the top three world leaders(Along with Chinese and Spanish) coined by (the number of carriers in the dissemination of educational and business sphere). It just so happened that this is the main language in the international community for scientific, economic, business spheres. Therefore, the study of knowledge on the free level language of Shakespeare is one of the priorities of the complexOn the formation of the modern generation. There is an opinion, or more correctly saying world famous writer AP Chekhov that "how many languages ??you know - so many times you are a man." So, in this list must be present English and study needs to be given serious attention from the school, when peopleovek, due to the physiological characteristics (overall development of the body) and the availability of the allotted time, can learn and build beautiful language base. It all depends on the willingness and the level of teaching. In addition to the aid of the younger generation, as well as his teachers quite considerable assistance can have so-called reshebnik Englishlanguage, which is one of the sets for homework (GDZ). By the way GDZ in English, as well as translations of texts from English, you can find. GDZ be fine, as for the development of the planned material, and as an additional source of information, and they can be equally useful as a student and a young teacher (because each of them is in the process of development and accumulation of information). Each reshebnik preparing based on the characteristics of the educational process, training programs in the field of English language of the highest category, which allows as efficiently as possible to adapt it to the specific conditions of use and target population.

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