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In the middle reaches of the Volga River, in an area where it forms a bag-shaped protrusion LAYOUTwives, seemingly unremarkable (well, at least in the world media) the city of Samara. It is located on the left bank of the Volga River, along the same river Samara, which is its main tributary in this area. Meanwhile, it is interesting in all senses of town that deserves everyone's attention, media coverage and availability, own Telemediaiynyh and virtual information and news resources. Here are just a few of the most important evidence of the fact that the city is really remarkable place that require coverage of the event:

  • Samara, not much is not enough - the city-one million (just over 1.1 million. Inhabitants), and given the agglomeration,this figure at all crosses over 2.5 million. (By the way, the third figure in the country);
  • Samara - one of the largest in the region and the country's economic, industrial, scientific centers. It is a major transportation hub, a place of concentration of large oil refineries, machine-building enterprises;
  • Samara located: highest railway station, the longest promenade, the largest area, and much more.

It is quite natural that this city has an extensive network of local news sources, among which the largest are:

  • Internet sites "SAMARA TODAY" (, "News of Samara" (,,, ,;
  • radio station "Radio Russia", "Express FM", "Vesti FM", "Vesti FM", "Russian Radio" and others;
  • printed publishedNotices "Telesem-Samara", "TELENEDELYA for the whole family," "Your choice — all Samara", "Your choice — the entire region," "Pulse of the Volga region" "Samara Review", "Va-Bank".

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