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mobile applications, mobile apps

The direction of mobile applications can be considered one of the most promising trends in the market of digital products.
mobile applications, mobile appsAnnually the number of users who are active users of smartphones and tablets, is actively growing, and thus increases the demand for all kinds of applications. Under active users understand not those who repeatedly has launched the popular game or a calendar, but those who often looking for, test and share applications with friends.
This is quite a spoiled audience, which requires not only mobile applications, mobile appsmeaningful content in the application, but also a great design.
You can use the increased interest in mobile applications for your own purposes.

  • Firstly, you can learn how to build mobile applications as a commodity and sell it by charging micropayments.
  • Secondly, you can turn an application in your marketing agent.
  • Thirdly, the application can be used both as a product and as a marketing tool!

So, to create a mobile application, you must go through certain stages of the design and launch.

Firstly, you need to to identify specific goals and tasks that must be solved with the help of the application. mobile applications, mobile appsAnd there raises several problems. The first - the company has its own marketing tasks, which it wants to solve by the application. And the user has a completely different task. Above all, he wants to solve his own problems, using your application. As you can see, the original conflict is laid in the foundation of the product development and this should be considered.

Secondly, you can start to design the product, only after studying the competitors. mobile applications, mobile apps, app storeInterface design should be at the proper level - users are already accustomed to this by the Apple company. So it should not be any mediocre developments and solutions - the user will not even start the application a second time, if its interface will be repulsive.

Thirdly, application development lasts from one month. Usually, its rather difficult to specifymobile applications, mobile apps the exact dates, but the first results outline after a month. At this time you should distinctly control the process of development and maximally focus on the product.

To avoid modifications of the product, waste of time, effort and energy, we recommend you should think over, mobile applications, mobile appsas clearly as possible: the problem, requirements for the performer and acceptance criteria of performed work. As more specific, it will be written TT (technical task), so more quality and appropriate to your expectations product you can receive.

mobile applications, mobile apps, Android MarketIf you are going to release your application on the market, you should previously think about its promotion. The problem is that no one knows how to promote the product in the most popular supermarkets of mobile applications. App Store and Android Market are not too clear to marketers by methods of applications rising to the top.

However, this problem can be avoided in several ways:

  1. Play with titles, descriptions, keywords, images of applications.
  2. Make the application free for several days. Its usually enough 3 days so, that new users began to actively test the free version. If they like your product, they will tell others about it, and they will want to download your application. By that time it already becomes chargeable and will be able to make a profit.
  3. Use the content sites with formed audience. This idea works well for those projects, who have formed target audience, for which could be interesting your mobile application. For example, if you have a women's portal with traffic of 20,000 people a day, then it will be simple, enjoyable and profitable to advertise your application dedicated to fashion and shopping.
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