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Moscow, the Moscow metropolitan area, and the entire region are the mostrapidly developing regions of Russia. No joke, including suburbs in itself only to Moscow is home to over 12 million inhabitants and their number is constantly growing. Moscow - big business and commercial center of the country, so the entire population is in constant operation, which naturally requires recuperation. Naturally, this requires the regularitylarly and satisfying to eat, including a diet including meat and sausages. One of the most promising young meat processing plants to ensure compliance of the products is not only the city and the region, but also the rest of the country, is « Outskirts & raquo ;: Combine your story began writing in 2006, being the ACTUALski, built from scratch. The main principle for the production of « Outskirts » is a high quality product, which is supported by high-tech equipment with the quality system of production. In meat and sausages plant lacking natural and artificial substitutes, in addition, limiteddaily production capacity to make the most of fresh and quality products ranging from sausage ending. The range of the plant, despite his young age, is impressive.

« Outskirts » produces the following meat products:

  • cooked smoked sausages (ImpersKaya, Moscow, sausage, salami, Rublevskaya etc.);
  • cooked sausages (Doctor, Amateur, milk, butter, etc.);
  • ham (Baltic, in the shell);
  • specialties (assorted meat, pork, beef, bacon, etc.);
  • grilled sausages;
  • kebabs.

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