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Graphics cards overclocking

You are the holder of weak graphics card by modern standards, and you really want to enjoy the modern game? And you don't have funds to purchase a new device? This means that this material will help you.
graphics cards RadeonInitially let's deal with what is overclocking. It must be said that in this way  occurs an increase in system performance (by increasing the value of the oper ating frequency, the default set out by the manufacturer). We know that not every graphics cards geforcemodel of graphics card is suitable for overclocking. Still very much depends on the manufacturer, which may not leave the "margin" of safety. Some developers specially created graphics cards for "overclockers". They can be considered the most ideal option. Most often special programs designed for safe overclocking are supplied with graphics adapters. aTIIt is known that the cost of such graphics cards is above analogues.
Special software-tweakers are usually used for graphics cards overclocking. This process is based on increasing the individual speed characteristics of the device. It is known that the speed of the video system is determined by the frequency of the GPU and amount of video memory. Video memory speed ​​depends on the timing nvidia(if they are below, then the speed will be more). Also state of the other components of PC affects the graphics card performance. However, the most takes account of these two.
Software for overclocking can increase the frequency of the GPU and speed of data processing up to the time, till the system is in a stable condition.
Riva TunerA large number of different programs can be used for overclocking. However, only a few are considered the most famous. We will focus on Power Strip - universal tools for changing the parameters of various graphics cards, a special applic ation which is called Riva Tuner (the best option for Rage3D Tweak overclocking of nVidia graphics cards), and Rage3D Tweak (for overclocking of ATI-cards). In these software products for overclocking you have to change numerical characteristics of GPU and video memory. It should be noted that this utilities have simple and convenient interface. graphics card GPUThere is a special protection from excessive overclocking in all applic ations. Thus, the user will not be able to burn the used card.
On this advantages end. In a lot of cases when trying to overclock the graphics card, user faces a multitude of problems. Always happens the system overhe ating. If you want to get really good overclocking and a graphics card allows to do this, then without fail you need to take care of the additional cooling. You should have no problem with these, taking into account the wide range of accessories for the PC. Also during the overclocking can be increased power consumption. When you use the old low-power PSU, it can not cope with the load. Accordingly, the PC will be damaged. Because of this, 3D-Markits recommended to buy PSU with power reserve. Another problem may occur due to the structure of the graphics card itself. This unit is initially capable of functioning at the limit. That is, graphics adapter can simply burn out at sharp overclocking. Therefore, this process should be carried out gradually. You necessarily need to test the card on the stability, using, for example, 3D-Mark.
In the end it must be said that you need to think about the possible consequences, before overclocking of your graphics card.

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