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One important step in the development of aquarium - is spawning. So, let's take a closer look at this moment!
spawning, aquarium, fish Spawning - is not just a physiological process, because not every kind of aquarium fish can now simply "give birth" to their offspring. And even then you should take into account a major factor: the vast number of species of fish are cannibals! That is, after they spawn or give birth to the ready offspring (viviparous fish), they can also immediately eat them! What caused such attitude of "parent" to the aquarium, fish"children"? To be honest, there is no a simple answer to this question. But it is believed that cannibalism - a manifestation of the law of survival: the strongest survives! But here is the question: what if they will eat everybody, how to know who was the strongest of the eaten? In general, the question is still open.
aquarium, fish, whitebaitIn order your future whitebaits have not befallen the sad fate of being eaten in the first few minutes of their life, you must create spawning area. Precisely this precautionary measure will help you to keep offspring. How to create a spawning area? This, in principle, is no a big deal aquarium, fish, spawning area- since any pure tank can serve as a spawning area. The main requirement is cleanliness!
However, you should not treat to the spawning area with disdain, as it often needs equipping. For example, for the convenience of the fish the substrate is placed in the spawning area. What is the substrate? If a simple, substrate - this is the litter. Java moss, separator grid, beams of thin fishing line and so on are used as substrate. Additionally, parameters of water in spawning area could materially differ from the parameters of the common aquarium. aquarium, fish, spawning areaFor example, cat fish love to spawn in acidic water, whereas in the general aquarium they prefer a neutral indicator of Ph. The same applies to the hardness and temperature: for many species of fish raising or lowering of the temperature in the spawning area - is a signal to start spawning. And if the increasing aquarium, fish, spawning areaor lowering of the temperature does not occur, then you will wait very long for spawning but did not live to see!
In general, its so: the best spawning area - is a clean plastic bowl with volume of 10-20 liters (for small fish). The water in the spawning area should be necessarily stand for several days. At the same time bowl (or a bucket of water) should be covered with gauze: so the water will "breathe" and will not become rotten.
Never put too much substrate to the spawning area: it's still a "maternity place", not an aquarium.
aquarium, spawning area, substrateAs for the lighting, it is either very weak or absent at all - it all depends on the type of fish.
Spawning area requires a compressor, and filter is not needed. Compressor has to work on the weakest revs: just poor ventilation of water is needed.
Its important: immediately after spawning, you need to isolate the "parents"! Caviar, larvae or whitebaits left alone until, aquarium, fish, spawning areathey will grow to at least 1.5 centimeters. Very often, beginners are trying to catch the whitebaits and put them into a separate aquarium. So: you should not categorically do this, because such a procedure will kills most of the offspring!
Well, finally, you should definitely read the information on the types of fish that you have for the proper using of spawning area. Compliance with all the conditions for spawning will be the key of successful breeding.

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