The memory of those people who are no longer


With the help of the monuments we have the opportunity to express its deadu love or capture the words that have not had time to say. They guard the place where loved ones are buried. The image imprinted in the memory will last forever, and you can be alone and to honor the memory of loved ones. By the way, if you are a resident of the capital, and you need the has a lot of ritual offices that can themzgotovit, for example:

Now for the manufacture of monuments there are plenty of ideas to make them special. For example, it can be engraved on the stone of any complexity, paint portraits or write an inscription, choosing whether a font and design.

In order toqualitatively perform portrait desirable to provide a photo on documents. Sometimes working with gold leaf, which makes the coating unusually thin leaves of gold. Everybody knows that the gold - a very ductile.

No wonder the ancient Egypt, religious buildings and structures of the pharaohs were covered with gold foil. Good nExample of a wooden stretcher Pharaoh. They looked massive, and it seemed made of gold, but in fact it is an illusion, because they are sheltered only a thin sheet of metal.

As for the price, it is determined at the burial place, because you first need to know the type of font and stone. There is still possozhnost add or replace photoceramics. In general, good people will be able to restore or install a new fence.

If the customer wishes, first, you can do the restoration or installation in electronic form. Remember that the monuments - a memory for a lifetime of those people who, unfortunately, no longer with us.

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