The importance of training for new and existing cast


In today's musical theater broughtNotices actor or singer is an important part of this art form. Since the days of John. Verdi repeat that the actor is idle phenomenon of musical theater turns into a « costumed concert & raquo ;, which for centuries is a common horror story critics. Of course, that without this actor's work can not be realizovat brilliant director's design, stage design better solutions. Today in the Ukrainian theater has developed a particularly dangerous situation, not only young students-vocalists, but also their teachers by profession, and even employees of professional theaters, are convinced that the possession of voice and musical talent enough to serve Mr.and the opera stage. Can imagine and, unfortunately, regularly observe that as a performer « plays » in the play, won « Udovletvono » at the rate of acting and actually refused to present the study of the whole complex of disciplines Opera profile. Somewhat better situation in operetta and musical-dramatheir theaters, but it usually suffers vocal component, and acting skills already acquired while working on a professional stage. In the words of Russian actor Afanasiev IV - also experienced similar problems, as well as Ukrainian theaters, but the introduction of training in the education system actors to change this situation.

Unnaturalness this situation is confirmed by the history of Ukrainian theater, after a century ago in Ukraine there was no division in the drama and opera companies, was « versatile actor & raquo ;, dreamed of directors of all time. But even get a decent training during their studies, few of today's singers udaeed to hold up to the professional-level theater and constantly improve acting skills.

The reasons are many: it is a lack of understanding of the importance of acting technique for the vocalist, and the need to quickly master a variety of roles in the new job (and vice versa-professional unloaded), and the inability trenirovatsya yourself. It is known that constant training is the main actor and the most effective system of professional qualities of the actor - no wonder there are so many exercises and « Approaches » in this case, and the real professionals involved in their own training session daily. You can lead a well-known exampleof life Lyudmila Gurchenko emphasized that the most difficult period in the professional nezapitanosti daily support was acting forms, training « just & raquo ;, but this training is finally brought her to the world of cinema as professional heights, which are known to us. On the other hand, today became widespread andpopularity of variety, including actors, Training « all » and for every need: this training seminar, which are freely sold in the market or ordered labor organizations for their employees, and additional courses included in the curriculum of modern higher education. These training courses are fFunctions additional education professionals or students - in addition to its immediate occupation (basic education), these people have certain skills that can be useful in their future life.

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