How to find work for young professionals?


Most employers do not want to hire a pierodyh specialists, and motivate its refusal by the fact that the first few experiences. Therefore, young professionals are on the crossroads. Employers say that the students after the training is very difficult to rearrange, because the theory is over and in front of them waiting alone practice. Therefore, advertisers are trying to recruit « responsibles & raquo ;, « communicable » and « punctual » humans. So how do students still find themselves and start your career?

We have advice for young professionals and students who: have already started planning their careers, who are interested in free schedule, who knows for what a position he claims, or who are looking for their monthssomething in life, but has not yet decided what specialty to choose or who have already realized that it would not work in their specialty.

Errors when placing resume

As the portal jobs - often young professionals place resume with names: « agrees to consider all options & raquo ;, « everything except sales & raquo ;, « any work & raquo ;. Be aware that such ads do not look employers. You ask why? Answer: site search is carried out by keyword. For example, the employer is looking for a IT specialist, accordingly he will enter in the search box « programmer & raquo ;. For example, if a specialist called his resume « programmer » - Find him, and if he wrote something related to computers such advertisement does not help to find a job, and will simply hang a dead weight. Therefore, initially we must decide what you're looking for and properly articulate what you're looking for.

Start a career from scratch

If you know thabout what you're looking for, and you do not mind, what time you have to spend an assistant in order to gain experience - then before you open almost every door.

Large companies have probationer programs that benefit both themselves businesses and you. The company pays a scholarship by signing a contract with you in which you agree to prorabotats in the company for at least 2 years.

But for purposeful personality this way is not the only one. To get to the top before you can work secretary, assistant, intern or assistant manager in the company of your dreams. Good team and experience will soon give you the opportunity to climb up a notch and one hundredbe a junior specialist.

Here are some examples of such vacancies:

  • paralegal (jurisprudence);
  • Assistant Accountant (accounting);
  • Assistant Recruiter (personnel services);
  • secretary in an advertising agency(Advertising);
  • Assistant System Administrator (IT).


What to do when you have a lot of free time? What kind of work to choose if you want to have a free schedule? Here you have a huge selection, but it all depends on your svobodnogof the time and you personally.

Here are some examples of such vacancies:

  • courier;
  • operator call-center;
  • PC;
  • promoter;
  • distributor of flyers;
  • sticker ads and posters.

I wish you success in finding future work and successful career start!

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