Paving stone: the pros, color, manufacturing

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Some people believe that all external crAsote their city depends on the architects developed imagination. And often it is not. We do not even guess that between alleys and flowerbeds are accurate track of concrete or asphalt, which are an integral part of all this beauty. We can also compare the exquisite house with renovated and modern appliances, but oldfloor, which would ruin the chic home.

We conclude that the appearance of the city or the courtyard is often dependent on the quality of tiles or cover these places. Currently we have great achievements in the fields of science, medicine and construction. There was a lot of new ways to produce different land covers,through which you can make perfect every corner.

Pros paving slabs

The first is the long sidewalk coverage. A specially selected material hardier than asphalt or concrete. Tile easily placed and is subject only to the repair item which is damaged, and the ne require dismantling. The gaps that exist between plitochki will not let puddles form, because they will drain the water.

In recent years, become very relevant landscape combinations. We often find good equipment alleys, which are made as of the houses, and close to shopping centers. Of course not Practadic near the house pour concrete or asphalt, everyone understands that looks better and more reliable. In Europe, all the streets are set out precisely paving slabs, which once again confirms the quality of this land cover. In hot summer weather can be seen another advantage - it is not heated, does not melt, it can not be said of a pavement.

Another plus you can call the workers that are laid tile - it can be of different colors that can maneuver between them, and you can get the original patterns.

The compositions of paving tiles and colors

If you really want to truly assess the tile then approachresponsible for its installation. Be sure to follow all instructions for preparing the papers, watch the level of inclination, make drainage.

Production of paving slabs

Made paving slabs with significant additions of plasticizers. This technique has made the race in construction, manufacturing raw materialswith a small amount of water, with very small porosity obtained. Paving slabs resistant to cold, can withstand a lot of frost and defrosts. To get one or two of color pigments used, which should have a color stability under various weather conditions, so that the color was not lost.

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