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Rostov pros offereda new model for creating a site that will impress any reader from small to large, will give an opportunity to develop in business! So, let's look at this model.
Given that most customers want to get a site with interesting news "yesterday" pros strongly advised ideal site for "tomorrow".
DetermineSubscribe to the goals and purpose of the site they selected and offer optimal CMS depending on customer requirements, which will be most meet all standards and requirements. There are also ready-made solutions. Within 1-2 days of the Domain, Hosting and ordered poured back site - then you can start the robot, withstrip the news and share them on social networks. Design changes are already working on the site with the news.

Benefits of the following:

  • You can already study in detail the control panel and site information;
  • You may alreadyie fill the site content at your discretion;
  • This site is already being indexed in the search engines;
  • You only pay for a job well done to establish the site;
  • You have much more time to process, to determine thedesign and format;
  • You do not wait for the development of a unique design, and already running.

If you have important information and want to share it with more people use the news or information site, created by you. This information can use theatsya: newspapers, magazines, TV channels. Plus there's the fact that the news site can be more profitable and they are valued as promotional blogs and sites. Can make a significant profit from the publication of news, articles and advertisements by setting a fee for the execution of the robot and supply it to the customer.

The most part of the informationion sites have such features:

  • Easy publishing system and main menu;
  • Publications that have many divisions: news, announcements, articles, posters, photo and so on. D.;
  • The ability commentedacce and know the views of the public about your robot.

Information site may be more extended configuration:

  • related news;
  • canvass;
  • newsletter;
  • Forum;
  • a survey of users, and so on. D.

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