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Modern web hosting industry is developing rapidly and steadily, opening the site owners and webmasters a wide range of the most diverse types of hosting. And they have some differences with each other. Because of this, not all at once can understand all the intricacies that are associated with hosting. Let's look at each of its types.

Dedicated Server.

dedicated ServerThis is a rent of physical server of hosting company. It is located in a data center with reliable uninterrupted connection to the electricity network, with access to high-speed Internet channel. Using this server webmaster can place his resources and manage them remotely.  If the webmaster uses dedicated server, to him will not "settle" other sites, he personally and autocrat can control the resources of server's disk space. The only thing - that the cost of the rent of such server is usually very high. It can vary depending on many factors: the pricing policy, the technical characteristics of the selected computer, and so on. On average, prices range from 90 to 250 dollars, and often much higher. Dedicated server - this is certainly the best kind of hosting that is used by professionals, but it is also the most expensive.


Colocation.Practically it is the same as a separate dedicated server. The only difference is that the man place his own computer in data center instead of using the server of hosting company. Webmaster himself buying "hardware" and installs all necessary software. However, he pays the provider only fot the place which computer takes, for the traffic and energy. It is more cost-effective variant, but initially you need to spend some money to buy equipment.

Virtual dedicated server.

Virtual dedicated server.This is a relatively new and very interesting type of hosting. It works like a normal dedicated server. The webmaster has its own operating system, root-access, guaranteed resources, the ability to install the necessary software. The main difference lies in the fact that one physical server to contain a multiple virtual machines, and all the resources of the server, respectively, will be equally distributed among several users. Of this the maximum speed will be lower than when using a separate dedicated server or colocation. In addition, there is always the risk that any of the machines will greatly overload the server which is used. Because of this, the other virtual servers can "lie". But the cost of this type of hosting is always much lower. Everyone can afford it.

Virtual Hosting.

Virtual Hosting.The most popular among all types of hosting services in the network. Exactly it is sold on the Internet simply as " hosting". It can be described as follows. Many sites are placed on one physical computer. Usually they all share a common IP-address and, almost always, the total resources of the server. Each user has a personal control panel that allows him to manage the settings of his sites, domains, and so on. The biggest advantage of shared hosting is its cost, which ranges from 1 to about 15-30 dollars a month, as well as easiness of management, and preloaded software. Disadvantages - very large number of sites on a single server, and low security, because at breaking one site its possible to get a full or partial access to the other. But, for most projects, virtual hosting - is the ideal solution.

For each individual project, taking into account your abilities and needs, weighing all the pros and cons, it is better to choose your most appropriate type of hosting.

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    lqpong - 17.11.2012, 19:43
    Own server is the best option.
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    Obrian - 28.01.2013, 22:10
    VDS is preaty good choise.