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Director Francis Ford Coppola

Legendary director Francis Ford Coppola shot the new film, his daughter, Sofia became the face of fashion brand, and nephew Nicolas Cage once again is threatening to leave the cinema.
Its hard to argue with the fact that the Coppola family is awarded with cinematic talent from above, Director Francis Ford Coppolathe film in which participated at least one Coppola, never left without attention of media, critics and audiences. And, despite the fact that the famous director of "The Godfather" 14 years ago stop filming in favor of the development of his wine business his daughter and nephew have successfully continued the "cross procession" to conquer the world wide screens.

10 years of silence

Movie GodfatherOnce upon a time a little Francis caught poliomyelitis and had to spend half a year without getting up from the bed. The only toy available to him was a small puppet theater, presented to him by his parents. Perhaps, precisely at that difficult for the  future director time, he imbued with love for the theatrical art. The years passed, and the once frail Italian boy became a veteran director, known worldwide with iron notes in his voice, and the cult film "The Godfather." "You can evaluate the film only after years, if it continues to look, then you really contributed ​​to the cinema something of your own" - constantly repeats director to journalists and his daughter, who went in the footsteps of her father and in his 30s with a little gained a glory of famous director. Sofia CoppolaThe meantime Sofia Coppola has continued her father's work, the Maitre himself chose to retire from the shooting area. Exactly 10 years have heard nothing about Francis as the film director, we could only watch his progress in the wine business, and lucky ones who visited America - to taste the wine of his production. But in 2009, at age 66, Coppola shot completely unlike what he had done before. "Youth Without Youth" - it is, as the director claimed - the movie of real Coppola. Precisely such personal, psychological and contemplative films, Youth Without Youth Moviehe always wanted to shoot, but is able to af ford this just now, when he is in condition to make money for his movies himself. Incidentally, the elder Coppola also sponsored the projects of his children - Sofia and Roman.

Lost in Translation

Sofia Coppola got into circulation of cinema just from the cradle. The Virgin Suicides movieWhen in the movie "The Godfather," Francis needed a scene of baptism, he remembered, by the way, that there is a very pretty actress for the role of a little girl at his house. So Sofia played her first small role in the cult film. But, despite the help of her star's father, her career had no luck. Critics attacked Sofia after the first serious role played by her, after that an impressionable girl decided that she never again will play, and went to work to her father as dresser. Exactly this work showed her what is cinema from inside, she liked to be behind the scenes, and this turned out much more interesting than to recite learned phrases before the camera.  Lost in Translation movieAnd then there were a school of art marriage, birth of a daughter and the first film of Sophia as a director with the intriguing and shocking title "The Virgin Suicides." Despite all the epatage, the movie was recognized as viable and it was even demonstrated at the Cannes Film Festival. Taking into account all her mistakes and advices of her father, Sophia takes on a new film. And the second film in the form of intellectual comedy "Lost in Translation" with Bill Murray in the lead role brought the young director "Oscar"! Now nobody doubted in Sofia's talents, passing with stage direction she is engaged in photography Oscarand fashion design, and more recently try on the role of a model.   Along with her star father she advertises the accessories of Louis Vuitton. It remains to wait when for the complete collection of the famous clan Coppola will invite Nicolas Cage to advertise suitcases.

All in Uncle!

If you look at the birth certificate of charming Nicholas and ask about his last name, then there will be written not Cage, namely Coppola. The popular actor is a nephew of famous director. In the childhood Nick did not try to become an actor, his dreams were turned to the sea. But, apparently, the genes played their work, and in 17 years, Nicholas was on the stage under a short memorable pseudonym. Nicolas CageHot Italian guy never want that his success was associated with the last name of his uncle. During his career in the cinema Nicolas Cage lost two teeth that were pulled without novocaine on the shooting of movie "Birds", smashed in a fit of anger his own trailer in the movie "The Cotton Club" and ate a live cockroach before the camera in the movie "Vampire Kiss". In general, this guy was ready for anything in the sake of art. His efforts were rewarded! He got millions of fans around the world and won the shelf of cinematographic awards.

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