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There are a lot of different ways  to attract visitors to a new, just opened web site. It can be both commercial or noncommercial projects, but they have quite similar ways of attracting visitors, but the differences still exist. In this case, we will focus on free resources which are targeted primarily on the visitors and provide them with quality, free and useful information, but then get some profit by placing links and other ads.

visitors websiteAs mentioned there are many ways to attract visitors to the newly created resource, some of them are quite effective, some are not, some require laborious expenditures and a lot of time or vice versa almost instantly allow to attract the required number of visitors. But no matter what methods we use, you should always remember that its necessary to keep those people who log at least once in your resource. Indeed, its much easier and cheaper to keep people on the site, than to attract new ones. What you need to do for this?

The first step is to  regularly fill your web site with content. contentBecause we all know that visitors come mainly to giant news portals, which update their materials almost every minute. Crawler of search engines, in fact, do not leave the pages of these resources, so when the news only appear on the site, they immediately appear in search queries. It follows from this, if you will post the new information on your resource more often, then search engines will more often draw their attention on it, and thus the new visitors.

Web site usability - convenience of work website usabilitywith the interface, also helps to attract the audience. When making the news, use the photos, they will attract the attention of visitors. But do not forget that everything should be in a measure, too filled with pictures and all kinds of flashing banners web site not only attract people, but can scare them. Similar site reminds a billboard, besides it loads too slow, because not all people use high-speed Internet.

Subscriber NewsletterUse mailing to keep the subscribers. Once your resource began to function, it follows immediately to get your own newsletter. It's pretty simple, but very effective way to keep the audience by means of which your site will be held in the future. If the reader is interested in your resource, he on a mandatory basis will subscribe to the newsletter, and will visit it regularly in order to obtain updated information.

Interactivity is an indicator of popularity of the site. Try to interest the visitor with some new idea, suggesting him, for example, to register and discuss it. Open the section on your resource, containing the most interesting material with access to it of only registered users.
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Advertise your site. You can create e-book from the materials of your own web site, that contains references to the the resource itself and send it to your subscribers. If this book will give the opportunity for other users to add their own links, then it will spread almost instantly.

link ExchangeExchange links with other resources, including articles of similar subjects. On the Internet you can find many sites with original content, thematically similar to your site.

original contentAnd, of course, the original content - a guarantee of high traffic of your web site. Fill it only with fresh materials, which have not been previously published. Keep in mind that you need to create the site, above all, for the people, not for the search engines, and if you will not try to follow these rules, you will never be able to attract the required number of visitors for your web site.

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