How to avoid the deterioration of working at the computer

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The sharp drop of — the most urgent problem of the XXI century. Computer technologyoccupy a special place in public life. Now almost every second person earns money by using a PC. But after a few hours of sitting at the computer, there is eye fatigue strength through the optic nerve of redness and tracking. All this causes a sharp headache, takes away all desire to work. A permanent  Activity on the computer indicates a sharp deterioration of view as seen through the tension of the optic nerve. So let me give you on how to preserve vision and prevent it from falling.

So, first of all pay attention to the model of your computer monitor. It should be released after 1995 years. Before you get started, make sure the image clarity   Monitor and lack of   blurry and shaky elements.   Next, pull the front of the hand, to ensure correct and safe distance from the eyes to the screen. In other words, it should not be less than 70 cm.

The important role IMEis lighting, which should soften the glare on the screen to avoid interference   stray light.   Do not forget also to make small pause after every half an hour. During pauses try to do a little exercises for the eyes, leading them to the right and left,   up – down. Then close your eyes for a few minutes in order to reduceretardation and allow them to relax completely.   When again will take to work, try to avoid thorough   looking at the monitor and   by - More Morgan. So you can get rid of eye pain and fatigue.

Hold this advice, you can protect your vision from the negative impact of the computerAnd are not afraid of his deterioration and a sharp fall.

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