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Each of the existing nations in its time has come to ensure that the information that is requiredIMO be transmitted from generation to generation, it was necessary to somehow store, not only in his memory. Thus was created the writing, that is a characteristic set of graphical signs, symbols, through which it was possible to write down your thoughts. One of the oldest forms of writing are, or runic script. Traditionally references runes is associatedI'm with the northern, Germanic peoples. On the basis of old Germanic runes existed, Norse, Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse. Signs runic letters have a characteristic angular shape, which is adapted to the possible signs carving on a stone or a tree.

His use of runes found on Terratheory of the northern states during the 10-12 centuries (from the first and second, and almost to the thirteenth century). But, for example, in the Swedish province Dallarna runic alphabet existed until the 19th century, until I finally was forced out and replaced with a script based on the Latin alphabet. Archaeologists around the world have been found nearly five thousand runictexts and inscriptions carved on stone, wood, engraved on the metal (such as weapons).

Runic alphabet consists of 24 characters (runes), which are arranged in a certain order, and were divided into three groups (ettiry). Each rune had its own name (for example, Ivaz, Sauville, Ardennes, Algiz etc.). At the present stage of history runic script was used and is used in various occult practices, in literature, art.

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