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Get a $ 12,000 full minivan? This 30 bicycles, scooters, or 10, or a small sedanth grade from the secondary market. Tempting prospect. One would not believe this, but it is scientifically proven fact that there is no doubt. The prospect of such an investment can be safely regarded as a very real and no threatening if the appearance of commercial vehicles should not be at the forefront.

In general, all commercialcars – delivery van, vans, cargo and cargo valued primarily for working qualities, and then take into account the aesthetic appeal and comfort level. Therefore, the subject of our conversation will be a minibus came from China.

There are, of course, on clothes. Design School of China has not yet Nastolako developed as Italian or Japanese, and Chinese designers are well aware of this. They learn and adopt experience that can be seen in their recent works. But if we are talking about commercial vehicles, this issue is not relevant. In the photo we see a car 2005 Toyota Hiace in a kind of rethinking. God bless him, with this appearanceth. Close to his eyes and read the technical characteristics of the car. And then we begin to understand why it was necessary to begin acquaintance. It was with them.

Minibus, together with the common external features, has much in common with the famous Japanese Busik nimble, which is very popular in our country, and even second hand goes whizzingm. Mathematics and Physics – things that you can not argue. But let's start with the interior, if we are talking about the minibus. 14 seats and quite ergonomic chairs, dual-zone air conditioning, extra airbags, fine glazing and thus leaves room for the luggage compartment. A small, but still. In the basic computerlektatsii vehicle equipped with an alarm and power steering, a TV tuner in the database, and optional LSD screen, velor upholstery. Is not it a decent replacement of expensive branded beads?

The driver's space is organized ergonomically chair has several degrees of adjustment and the dashboard looks, though rustic, but quite readableb on. Work on the quality of plastic being, although it is far from perfect, however, it is possible to compensate for the space and good visibility.

Toyotovskih two-liter gasoline engine has shown himself well and gathered sea kind words and feedback before the release of Groz Polarsun on the native platform, so that it has all claims becan not. So say many motorists on the road site vseta4ki.com. Just as a five-mechanics, which may be easier to only the direct transfer. So do not be afraid tarnished reputation of the Chinese car industry as a whole, and take a closer look to models that are truly worthy of respect.

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