What is gel varnishes and their features

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Gel varnishes - It is durable and resistant coatings that are applied to the nail as usualthe first nail. Modern-employed women are happy being able to use such a novelty. This is not a traditional acetone nail polish, which is applied and washed off very easily. Ordinary varnish is applied very quickly and to dry out a bit of time. But there is no guarantee that such coverage will be maintained for a long time. Very often lacquer MNand is scratched, holding not more than a week. That is not true of lacquers gels. Before applying the gel varnish, the nail plate must be prepared using special topcoats, and UV rays. Covering all layers of the nail takes about 40 minutes. Each layer must be dried in special lamp every two minutes. Gel polish can not be prohundred so wipe it very durable and scratch-resistant and possibly other damage. These coatings have a huge advantage over conventional paints. The most famous (Kodi Professional). They do not lose their color, shine and keep the nails up to 5-6 weeks. Nail polish remover gel using special solvents, soaked in acetone or canjust cut down. Manicure with nail-gel not a difficult job requiring masters. With this work cope any woman at home. For applying nail gel requires a special UV-Lama, which is easy to use. The composition of the gel lacquer contains special substances that provide strong adhesion of the coating to the nail plastition, which guarantees the durability of coating and gloss for a long time.

According to the materials: kodi-professional.ua.

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