What are sawing Pedicure


Pedicure - it is not only the beauty of your legs, but also their health. As for the hands, just for kicks and need constantth and meticulous care. To do this, a more thorough approach to the question of the choice of nail files for a pedicure. Nail files are an indispensable tool for nail care feet. By the way, you can buy: nailprof.com.ua. They come in different types and perform different functions. Some saws give the desired shape nails, others grind, polish third. Ohor may be made from different materials. If you have a hard nails, perfectly suited diamond, ceramic or sapphire nail file. For processing thin and delicate nail nail files should be used on the basis of sandpaper.

It is also important when choosing to pay attention to abrasive saws. Coarse IPused to shorten nails. Fine - sanded already decorated edge of the nail. It is important to use a tool to avoid delamination of nails. To do this, dry nails and sawing motion should be from the edge to the middle. Jig polishing nails give a beautiful natural shine and are used at the end ofpedicure. Used for polishing glass nail files and nail files with very fine emery structure. Abrasive wear faster sawing glass. If there is a problem of brittle nails, it is necessary to use a saw blade made of ceramics. There are very expensive, durable and excellent in quality nail files cuticle, kotorye do not spoil the nail plate. Using a metal saw blade can injure the nail, causing delamination, so these saws should be treated only the upper part of the nail. Very easy to use Bilateral saws to shape the nail on the one hand and on the other for grinding.

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