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To paraphrase, L Bykov of the legendary film « go to fight some old people & raquo ;, we can say that the music – eternal rest ofth – comes and goes.   At all times, the music served to humanity something special: calm, fun, thought-provoking rest from toil. There are a variety of musical instruments, and its people's national and in every country. Learn to play on some very difficult, in other – no. Musicallys tools are different in size and sound: keyboards, horns, strings. But there is one, its sound caressed the ear of many generations of his invention until today. Harmonica with his always sound will make the brightness in your music, and will be a constant companion of your travels.

Where invented liption accordion, the story does not give a precise answer. But scientists are inclined to think that this is a Austria, although many believe it home to Germany. But the breakthrough for the production of labial bellows could make firm Max Honer, in 1857. When Hohner harmonica brought to America, this tool will melt very popular, so it remains to this day.

More than 100 variants of the labial bellows with different modifications released today global manufacturers. This allows the player to select the tool most appropriate for themselves. Buy harmonica can be in any music store.

harmonica has a lot of advantages:

  • small size allows it to carry everywhere;
  • is not expensive, which makes it democratic;
  • is universal, you can play music in all styles;
  • not whimsical, easy to learn;
  • does not require knowledge of the Musesykalnoy certificates.

All harmonicas are divided into diatonic, blues, chromatic, tremolo, harmonics. For many who listened to serious Harper, namely the so-called people who play the harmonica, was a great, stunning outdoor sound of this instrument. And therefore, it is safeyu say that harmonica – it's cool!

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